Kojima Countdown Ends, Leaves Us in the Rain

Wednesday night, servers over at Konami crashed hard when millions struggled to push through bandwidth limitations and get a glimpse at Kojima Productions’ teaser site as its timer hit zero. Something big was about to be revealed… or so we thought.

Those of us who managed to squeeze in between the server crashes and loading errors that lasted upwards of an hour came upon nothing but a new countdown set to end on May 26, a few faded letters and numbers, and a change of weather. We found ourselves without answers, left in the rain. A fierce drizzle punctuated by rumbling thunder and flashes of lightning now lit up the teaser’s tranquil, misty landscape.

But the storm may be the most substantial clue yet. From hereon our personal insight into the latest tease begins, so even though it is well-educated speculation, please take it with a grain of salt.

Firstly, we’d like you to mull over a few memorable lines from Kojima Productions’ flagline series, Metal Gear. Recall two pieces of dialogue that Raiden spoke in Metal Gear Solid 4:

“I was born in the rain.”

“I am lightning, rain transformed.”

Think about the storm in the teaser. Could this be Metal Gear Raiden we’re looking at?

If this is the case, it all adds up. Raiden, in Japanese mythology, is the god of thunder whose name literally means “lightning and thunder”. Lightning, thunder, and rain are certainly present in the teaser. The connection is strong, and amplified by consideration of Hideo Kojima’s recent Game Developer’s Conference keynote. At the end of the speech, the accompanying animation brings us to the words “The Next MGS“, behind which a figure who appears to be Raiden is visible.

If this is indeed a new Metal Gear game featuring Raiden, it will be interesting to uncover the game’s place in the series chronology. Considering the aforementioned quote, “I was born in the rain”, could this teaser be hinting at a story told in Raiden’s past? That’s a point upon which pure speculation is all that’s available to us. However, one thing is certain. We will know more soon.

The current countdown runs out on May 26, but expect another tease and another timer as the full unveil will almost certainly be saved for E3. This is clearly indicated by the letters that have joined last week’s “5” (or, arguably, “S”) in the picture. “@E3”.

So, 5@E3. MGS5@E3? Maybe this is a little too obvious. Maybe we’ve all been tricked and something entirely different is on the way. Maybe it’s a new Snatcher, or a new IP altogether. Or maybe this is a new Metal Gear but Raiden has nothing to do with it.

“Maybe” is all we can say for now but be sure to check back on May 26 as we dissect a new clue and take another step toward a conclusive answer. For all we know, it”ll be in the rain.

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  1. If that wasn’t enough to go on, it appears the “Next MGS” will be revealed in the latest PSP-PS3 Weekly Famitsu. If that is indeed true, then we should know more information sometime next week. Regardless of what gets announced, we can all be sure of one thing, a new Kojima-san game is on the way. That’s something everyone should be excited for :)

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