FFXIII Hype Hits the Skyline Quite Literally

Square-Enix’s latest batch of promotional posters aren’t going to leave much space in your bedroom for other wall hangings, decorations, or any furniture at all, really. Scratch that, you couldn’t fit one of these babies in your house if you tried. They’re 124 feet tall.

Residents of downtown Los Angeles now reside under the vigilant watch of Vanille, Snow, and Lightning — the three central characters from Square-Enix’s in-development-so-freaking-long blockbuster, Final Fantasy XIII.

Note that the building sized posters showcase a release date of 2010 and feature both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 logos. If you live in the area, head to the corner of S. Figueroa Street and Olympic Boulevard to take a gander at the gargantuan ads.

Giant Final Fantasy Characters Watch Over LA [Joystiq]

2 thoughts on “FFXIII Hype Hits the Skyline Quite Literally”

  1. Who wants to guess that the E3 playable demo will actually be a localized version of the Japanese one released with Advent Children?

  2. This sort of stuff happens quite frequently around the time E3 rolls around. Those videogame publishers sure know how to get the fanboys all excited. I also agree with what Ahmed says, that the demo will be an English version of the Japanese demo. If that’s the case though, there’s nothing wrong with that :)

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