Ex-Team Ninja Crew Returns!

Yes, indeed…after months of silence, Mr. Itagaki and company return! According to this interview by 1up.com, all the lead designers/directors who worked on Ninja Gaiden 2 left Tecmo alongside Itagaki’s retirement. Their pending name is “Tokyo Vikings” and they’re working on a new Xbox 360 game which is still early in development. Mr. Itagaki was surprisingly extremely nice during the interview despite James Mielke’s attempts in starting bad blood. For a controversial figure who occasionally jabs other designers such as the one responsible for Devil May Cry, he had nothing but respect for Tecmo and Koei. All in all, they all seem laid back and happy about this new venture.

There’s a high possibility that Microsoft Game Studios is funding this new team as Mr. Itagaki admits that he has some good friends there. He also says that he’ll be going to E3, so let’s hope our COE team can wrestle a word or two out of him.

Source: 1UP

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