The Crystal Bearers Acknowledged by Square Enix USA

Square-Enix sent us nice a e-mail today containing the official North American site of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. Luckily, it’s more than meets the eye. The recent official Japanese trailer has been repackaged in the site, removing 99% of the original voice overs from the cutscenes, yet adding a couple more gameplay scenes. Additionally, there are about a dozen never-before-seen short “gameplay” videos that give you a glimpse of what’s coming. From the look of things, this is an atypical approach to the Action/RPG scene. The main character seems to have a gravity-based telekinesis power that entraps enemies in orbs, in turn allowing you to throw them around.  Also, the gameplay videos hint that there are multiple methods of interacting with enemies and NPCs. Colorful icons, on top of enemies and NPCs indicate their “mood”, which obviously changes depending on how you interact with them. I was sort of taken back by enemies interacting with each other, too. Interesting stuff.

Let’s hope this site launch means that the game is slated for a late 2009 release in all regions. As one of the first games announced for the Nintendo Wii, it’s been delayed and inactive for way too long. E3 should provide us with more information. For now, keep checking out the official site from time to time for updates. I’m sure you’ll enjoy details on the storyline, main characters, and videos. One thing I find interesting is that Crystal Bearers takes place one thousand years after the original for GameCube.

Source: The Crystal Bearers Official Site

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