Normally this isn’t the sort of post you’d expect from us, but we’re long-time fans of EGM and thought this news was important to reveal.  Steve Harris, the founder of EGM Magazine, has re-acquired various assets from Ziff Davis, including the brand EGM.

Harris said: “The re-launch of Electronic Gaming Monthly represents a welcome opportunity to continue delivering quality content to gaming enthusiasts.  I feel honored to once again be associated with this respected magazine. The talented writers and designers who built upon EGM’s original vision have left behind a publication that is uniquely positioned to be successful.”

He continued: “We have exciting plans for the evolution of what will once again be a leading independent voice for the gaming community.  The twenty year success of the EGM brand has always been built upon a commitment to its readers who I believe will enthusiastically embrace the changes we are planning to introduce.”

You can expect EGM to be relaunched by the second half of 2009.  This is quite a joyous day for many gaming fans all over the world.  We wish Steve all the best, and are proud the man who started it all is back where he belongs.

We expect more details to come out of E3 next week, which as you know by now, COE will be attending in full force.


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  1. I was just going to post this. Man, this is excellent news! It’s the only magazine I’ve been buying for the past few years until the recent hiatus. I’m really happy for them. Pretty sure that the original members will return and make this mag great again!

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