E3 2009 – Microsoft Conference Live Blog!!!

Hey guys, Justin and I have arrived!!!!  We’re here in the Galen Center waiting for the conference to start.  Here we are….

Next up, we’ll start live-blogging the actual event.

It’s now 10:10 and we’re still waiting…

Still waiting…

It’s about to begin.  We’re now hearing music and Justin is filming away.  Get ready for madness!!!!

Damn it!  We thought they were starting, but instead it was just a teaser gallery.  They showcased Lips: Number One Hits.  Oh well, more waiting for us.

Another teaser, this time we got one for 1 vs 100 Live!

This is a sign saying the following segment features mature content, and then we didn’t see anything.  Classic!  That’s from Justin, by the way ;)

We just got word that the conference is going to start in five minutes, so strap in and prepare for greatness!

Ok guys, we’re about to start.  Music just increased in volume, and lights are dimming!

Trailer montage…

The Beatles: Rock Band (It has a really unique visual flavor to it – Justin will update the video later to show you all)

We’re now hearing a commentary from two of the developers from the game.  The video we saw was the opening cinematic of the game.

9/9/09 The Beatles: Rock Band official release date!

Now we’re seeing a live demo session being played out.  Sadly no official Beatles members yet.

Giles Martin now onscreen continuing to talk about The Beatles: Rock Band.

45 Beatles songs included in the game, all remastered, plus never-before-heard content and music sessions.

DLC will be released shortly after release, first album being Abby Road.

“All You Need Is Love” will be an Xbox Live exclusive.

Wow, Yoko Ono (forgot her official spelling of her name)  Anyways, Yoko is here to endorse the game.

HOLY SHIT – Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney are HERE, talking about the game!  Talk about a standing ovation.  I can’t believe I got to see both of these legendary men with my own eyes.  Wow, what an experience.  Justin is here floored as well.

Microsoft Game Studios VIP now up saying – No charts and graphs, it’s about the games today,  10 world premiere games never before seen. Awesome, no?  New ways to connect to friends, and today we’re going to see history according to MS.  Let’s get on with the game.

Tony Hawk Ride – Tony Hawk here to show off the game.  He’s talking about the final peripheral.  It seems quite amazing how powerful the skateboard is.  Now we’re getting the world exclusive trailer.  Looks pretty good, and I dislike skateboarding lol.  The demo at E3 will be playable on 360s.

Modern Warfare 2 – Trailer looks SICK! 11/10/2009 (November 10th) Release Date. We’re getting a nice in-game demo session now.  Looks absolutely stunning.  Justin will show all of this in his video on YouTube.  This game looks simply incredible.  It’s cinematic as hell. We’re seeing a new gun with a radar directly attached to the gun . The demo has TONS of action in it, with explosions everywhere.  Lots of environmental interactions and a truly epic feeling.  When you guys see this, you’re going to be floored.  Snowmobile gameplay also looks equally awesome.  Firing a weapon while trying to traverse the harsh terrain is going to be awesome!  Two Modern Warfare Map Packs will be released first on Xbox Live.

Final Fantasy XIII – The director is here to talk about the game.  85 million Final Fantasy titles have been sold to date.  The first Xbox 360 trailer is being debuted right now!!!  The footage is from the Japanese demo, but now entirely in English!  It looks exactly the same as the PS3 version, which is great news!  This is the world premiere of the 360 version of the game.  The demo we’re seeing shows us four active battle slots, instead of the 3 from the demo I played.  Odin summon is being revealed here for the first time ever!  He looks AMAZING! Spring 2010 targeted release date.

From here on, EVERYTHING announced will be exclusive to the Xbox 360.

Shadow Complex – Epic Games is announcing a new Xbox Live Arcade.  It looks like an Xbox 360 game.  It’s a 2.5D shooter, sort of like Bionic Commando Rearmed.  You can use various weapons to create platforms to advance through stages.  It’s a ten hour campaign.  It’s a mix of Contra and Metroid, meets Bionic Commando Rearmed.  Very impressive and totally exclusive to the Xbox Live Arcade/Xbox 360.  Summer 2009 release date, and we’ll have hands-on with the game later this week.

Joy Ride – A new racing game with cartoonish graphics.  You can use your avatar.  Free download and free to play!  Talk about awesome!  It’s an avatar-specific game.  Coming this winter to Xbox Live.  Free is always good, right? ;)

Crackdown 2 – Trailer looks great.  FMV trailer, but still.  It’ll be on YouTube later this evening.  No release date given.

Left 4 Dead 2November 17th, 2009 Release Date!!! Talk about a surprise announcement.

Splinter Cell Conviction – New trailer looks great.  It’s also confirmed to be an Xbox 360 exclusive.  We are now watching the world exclusive E3 demo being played out.  The game is extremely detailed, as you’d imagine.  This time around Sam is really pissed off because someone has killed his daughter.  He’s holding a guy by the neck slamming him into the walls, etc.  It doesn’t look like there’s going to be a HUD, just like Modern Warfare 2.  The only small indicator on the screen is on the bottom left hand side.  Objectives will appear in the actual environment.  Very cool stuff.  This looks extremely impressive.  It appears the time the developer has spent on the game has been extremely worthwhile.  Fall 2009 exclusively on the 360.

Forza MotorSport 3 – October 2009 Release Date. Microsoft is calling it the definitive racing game of this generation.  Now you can actually spin out of control, flip upside down, and choose from 400 cars from 50 manufacturers with 60 fps gameplay.  You can also create new cars, via paint jobs and upload it on Xbox Live.  You have way more features than ever before.  You can create and upload HD video from your races.  Awesome, no?

Halo 3: ODST – Trailer is all in-game and looks awesome.  We’re now seeing an actual game session.  The game takes place several weeks before the events of Halo 3.  You play as a rookie ODST.  It has the look and feel of Halo 3, except in a whole new way.  The original Halo pistol is coming back, with a few improvements.  Classic!  With visor functions, you can easily pin-point new targets, objectives and find various goodies scattered around the environment. 09/22/09 Release Date.

Halo Reach – Fall 2010 Release Date. If you buy ODST, you’ll receive a multiplayer beta for Reach.  We’ll have to see what this is all about.  They aren’t saying anything.  Bungie is developing this game, and that’s all we know.  Oh and we can say it has multiplayer obviously.

Alan Wake – Finally a brand new trailer for the game.  Looks sick.  it has this distinct Silent Hill feel.  In-game looks drop-dead gorgeous.  We’re being treated to a game demo right now.  Again, this is unreal.  Lighting is incredible and looks like it’ll give Silent Hill a run for its money in terms of scare factor.  In order to kill a “creature” or whatever they are, you have to shine a light on them and wait for their weakness to be exposed.  After that you can take them out with a regular weapon such as a gun.  Spring 2010 Release Date. At least we know it exists!

Xbox Live update time.

Music is coming to Live via last.fm.  A new Xbox dashboard tab, Radio Stations will now appear.  It’ll launch later this year at no additional charge, worldwide for Gold members.

Netflix – Enhancements are coming to Netflix.  You can browse through genres, etc; you can do it right from the dashboard.  Press play, and the movie will begin.  No more need to go through the PC.

Sky will be coming to Europe, allowing TV stations right through the Xbox 360.

Zune Video – Fall 2009 – 1080p video for all videos.  Movies and TV shows will play instantly, stream-based service.  Video store will now be available in 18 countries around the world.   It’s called Instant On 1080p, and looks quite promising.

Music, movies and TV shows will be able to be shared via the Xbox 360 Party function.  I suppose they figured out how to get around the old copyright issues.

Facebook partnership with Microsoft. Felicia Day now coming up talk about all about Facebook.  She’s part of The Guild.  Facebook coming to the Dashboard, as you’d imagine.  You can scroll through the various Facebook goodies, like your Friends, Wall, etc.  You can even compare your 360 friends and your Facebook friends, so the two are linked.

Facebook Connect – You can post screenshots and videos directly from the game, starting with the latest Tiger Woods game.

Twitter – It works similar to the Facebook application, so now gamers can post tweets by simply selecting the app from the Dashboard.  It updates everything instantly.  Both Twitter and Facebook will hit this Fall.

Don Mattrick now taking the stage, he’s the Senior VP.  Motion Controls?  Let’s find out. NOPE, Kojima-san!!!!!  Metal Gear franchise will be hitting the Xbox 360!!!  MGS Rising will be developed for the Xbox 360.  Will it be exclusive?  Who knows, but we get the world premiere trailer!!!  The teaser didn’t show us anything, but who cares.  It’s going to be a completely different Metal Gear experience.  The subtitle for the game was Lightning Bolt Action, whatever that means.  We’ll try to find out later this week.

Here we go.  Motion Controls are coming to the Xbox 360.  Don says the controller is the big problem.  He says something better needs to come out.  Can we make YOU the controller, he asks?  Now we can!  It’s uses a small bar that actually allows 1:1  motion without any controllers whatsoever.  Currently the games appear somewhat simplistic in nature, and certainly aimed at the causal crowd.  So the rumors were indeed true, Microsoft is going for the casual crowd.  Tons of games appear to be in the works.

You can scan in new objects, it has facial recognition, video chatting and even Minority Report-type functions.  This seems far more impressive than we original thought.  If you want to watch a movie you can say “Play Movie” and the movie will start.  This is truly something impressive.  Project Natal is what the new camera/sensor is currently called.  Anyone of any age can play these games because there’s no controller required.  It will work with every Xbox 360 console already out there and everyone moving forward.

Steven Spielberg now on-stage to talk about the new project.  Very wicked to see him in person too.  This is turning into something really special here guys.  MS has had one hell of a killer showing.  He’s saying that the only way to bring gaming to everyone is to make the tech invisible.  Get rid of the controller.  Natal allows this.

Kudo Tsunoda – Creative director of the project.  They plan to show us a demo of the Dashboard.  It knows who you are via the facial recognition.  It even has 1:1 full body movement.  This is stunning.  It has Minority Report-type features, by simply flipping through the dashboard just moving your hand.  This is quite stunning.  We’re also seeing a game where you can move fully around in 3D space and the software easily follows you around.  This is hilarious, they even mentioned “waggle commands.”  Talk about great.  There really are unlimited options with this new technology.  The game we were shown involved balls flying into the screen and you had to hit them back.

They’re now showing off Paint Party, another game that uses this tech.  This is another quite impressive tech demo. Allows the user to simply move their arms around to paint on the canvas.  You really need to see how fluid this is to understand how impressive this is.  You can also make art via posing.  Every single gesture you make is recorded via the device.  Any object you bring in will be recorded by the camera.

Peter Molyneux now onstage to talk about Natal.  You know Peter from Fable fame.  He’s now talking about how Natal is going to change everything for game creators everywhere.  Peter is talking about a game character named Milo.  You can talk to Milo with unscripted voice!  You can ask, “How was your day?,” and Milo answers back “I’m doing really well, how about you?”  The character evolves and you can interact with it as if they were a real person.  We’ll have a video up shortly to showcase this amazing demonstration.  How YOU are actually part of the game world. If you look at the water, you see your real-life reflection and you can touch the water to interact with it.  We’ll be able to try it out this week!!!

Don’s back to close up shop.  Microsoft has come a long way, but now they have established themselves as the one company that has something for everyone.  The future looks very bright for the company.

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