Dwelling of Duels May 2009 Results!


Let’s take a break from E3 a bit and talk about game music remixes. Good stuff to listen to here to get you into a gaming mood.

So Dwelling of Duels is a monthly competition in which you remix game music based on certain themes. It’s usually two consecutive months of specific game music (like Mega Man music or Boss music) and a “free” month. May 2009 was free and the results have just been posted in time for E3.

My favorite track this month is the one that placed 2nd; Harjawaldar tackles a very uncommon track from a very popular game; remixing “The Imprisoning War Intro Prologue” from Zelda: A Link to the Past. Very gutsy pick because it practically hasn’t been remixed much. I’m loving it! Very nice acoustic guitars and cool improvisation towards the end. Such a smooth remix to an intense track.

Another good remix that you have to download is the one that placed at 9th; DrumUltima also did a ballsy move by going acappella on one of Final Fantasy X’s popular tracks; “The Hymn of Faith”. He has an excellent singing voice with a wide range. Also, I was surprised by the proper pronunciation of FFX’s fictional language, Al-Bhed.

Those two topped this month’s compo for me. The other tracks are great stuff as well. Master-Hatchet’s remix from Guilty Gear will melt your face off! Download and put those on repeat.

Next month is a pretty unique theme. Three franchises to pick from; NES Ninja Turtles series, Wizard and Warriors series, and Ikari Warriors.

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