Sony Press Conference Live Blog Recap

Sony Press Conference

11:14 AM conference begins

screen darkens from blue to black, playstation logo appears, cool intro featuring playstation buttons — PSP and PS3 emerge from them into showcase, as does PS2, PS Network logos

Trailer montage — Uncharted 2, fight night, little big planet, tiger woods, god of war, singstar, bayonetta, tekken, brutal legend, and many others are featured — ratchet and clank, heavy rain,

now siwtch to psp

motor storm, tiger woods, new sw battlefront

PS Network shown in snippets

More PS3 trailers… Final Fatnasy XIII! atman, Saw, and other new titles added into the mix. screen cuts to PS logo

Jack Tretton walks onto stage, jokes about Qore leak… at Sony they’re industry leader and press leaks are no exception according to Jack

The biggest sense of pressure Jack feels is doing justice to the 364 games that are coming out this year for Playstation.

“2009 will be our best year ever” “three successful platforms at once” “an entertainment experience second to none”

2008 a record year of momentum and growth. At their gamer’s day back in april a number of titles were revealed

Modern Warfare II

Final Fantasy XIII

Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time


Heavy Rain

Rockband The Beatles


Retailing for $99. PS2’s success is a testament to the ten  year life cycle. Nearly 9 million units put into the hands of consumers last year. A number of shitty games are shown that are coming out for PS2.

Jack goes on about some numbers and shit we don’t really care about. In any event, it looks like things are picking up for the PS3.

Uncharted sold more than 2.6 units globally, now it’s time to see Uncharted 2. “easily our most ambitious product today” “tonight at midnight you can join us in the uncharted 2 multiplayer beta”

We’re treated to an in-game demonstration. The game looks extremely impressive — such a large sense of scale and detailed environments. The amination is extremely fluid… character climbs to the top of a tower and looks at city landscape…. it’s awe inspiring.

Armed helicopter emerges from bedhing a building as Drake shimmies across a pole and opens fire, what follows is an intense evation sequence with Drak and his friend running along window frames, hiding ehind walls, and dealing with armed henchmen all the while. While fighting off soldiers inside a house, a massive explosion shakes the screen — the particle effects are amazing, and the armed helicopter once again bursts through the wall. What happens next? The fucking building collapses and Drake slides down the steep slope. Helicopter goes down. Wow! Crowd is giving their best applause.

Jack introduces MAG, says he’s going to unveil live gameplay for the 256 person online shooter. Members of the team come onstage… they’re going to demo a 256 person battle onine! Each blue dot we see on the big screen’s map is an enemy. First we see one person onscreen, scouting out enemy locations. Perspective switches to team leader perspective, there are slight alterations to the HUD — mostly a way to keep track of teammates. Continually changing objectives appear on screen, from defending bunkers to destroying batteries. The team is working together in a highly organized fashion, now one player calls an airstrike. The team gets a foothold on their territory and prepares to overrun the opposite base. The game will hit the PS3, exclusively, this fall and will be playable on the showfloor at E3 this week.

Jack discusses some of last year’s PSP hits. Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines will come out on November 10th.

Kaz Hirai comes onstage to introduce the “next step in the evolution of the PSP”. here it comes, the PSP Go! Sure enough, Kaz pulls it out of his pocket. LOL Kaz jokes calling it the “worst kept secret of E3”. PSP Go! will not replace PSP 3000 according to Kaz — UMD will continue to be supported. PSP Go! is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than original PSP. With 16GB of Internal Flash Memory, users can download movies, music, games, etc. Built in wi-fi, integrated bluetooth, and other more features.

Media Go! Will replace the current version of the media manager and have a much more intuitive interface. Sense Me! will analyze your music library to create a playlist you’ll like. PSP toolcase will be reduced in price by 80%.

Gran Turismo for PSP is unveiled, creator Kazunouri Yamauchi comes onstage to talk about his creation. The game will run at 60fps and will feature 800 cars, and a SHIT TON of tracks. Standard races, time trials, and some new cool features will be in the single-player game. The game will be a full-sized GT game even though it’s on PSP… also, a new feature is the ability to trade cars from your garage with other players.  The game is designed so that if you get together with your friends it’ll make it much easier to collect all the cars. At the E3 show floor today we’ll be able to play GT. Finally, we’re to see a video prepared for GT PSP. October 1, 2009.

Metal Gear Solid Peace walker shown on screen, with Big Boss. Hideo Kojima is welcomed to the stage! Snake is coming back on PSP. Peace Walker’s setting is ten years after MGS3 in the 1970’s. This is a true sequel in the Metal Gear franchise. Kojima will be writing the script and producing the game, and deeply involved in its development. It will be a true MGS sequel but also add the PSP elements. Time to see a trailer! Looks incredible.

Resident Evil Portable announced for PSP — it’s a whole new game developed specifically for the PSP platform. A montage is shown of upcoming PSP games.

50 PS1 games coming to PSN, including Final Fantasy VII. Just as we predicted!

Jack rings off a list of developers who will be supporting the PSN. A montage of Home is shown, apparently we’re supposed to be hyped up about the possibilities of bowling and cross-dressing on the same platform. Nothing great, but well put-together.

2009 will be all about content according to Jack, and now it’s time to roll out the PS3 stuff! Let the montage begin!

First shown is Uncharted 2. Now inFamous. Madden 2010. Final Fantasy XIII. MAG. Batman Ark Asylum. Brutal Legend is shown, and now White Knight Story. There it is, Gran Turismo 5! Look out, Ghostbusters. Now we’ve got Ninja Gaiden. An entirely new IP shown? SAW, King of Fighters, .. Ice Age, Overolrd II, Red Faction Gureilla, Tier Woods PGS Tour 0, Dark Void, G-Force, Guitaro Hero Vanheln NCAA Football 10, Planet 51, Karoke Revolution, Heavy Rain, Battlefield 1943, Gravity Crash, Hustle Kings, Pixel Junk Shooter, Grash C Critter Crusnk Katamari Forever, Fat Princess, Zombie Apocalyipse, Eye Pet,  Singstar Queen, DC Universe Online, Fuel, GI Joe Rise of Cobra, LittleBIGPlanet, The Saboteur, Bioshock 2 Ratchet Clank Future A Crack in Time, Fight Night Round 4, God of War III,

Lost Planet 2 coming to PS3 according to Jack, sounds cool.

Agent is coming to Playstation 3 from Rockstar. Agent will take a player across the globe for espionage action and is set in the 1970’s. Jack tells of us the impact GTA had on Playstation platforms and expects Agent to do the same.

Jack brings up Assassin’s Creed 2, reminding us of the 8 million units of the original game that are in consumers’ hands. We’re treated to actual gameplay at last. The demonstrator is playing what looks like the scene we’ve previously seen in the trailer. The game looks visually amazing just as the first did. Notable are some new lighting and shadow techinques, as well as the new effects made possible perhaps not by technology but by the actual setting. Fireworks light up the sky and the water gleams beautifully. We’re introduce to the game’s flying machine, and the demonstrator zips around the skies of Venic. There’s some motion blur and being used that looks wonderful. The character lands on top of a massive construct, looks like a church of some sort. New absolutely SICK techniques. The “double handed blade” is utilized to punch two guards in the face simultaneously; instant death. You can take enemies’ weapons a la The Wind Waker and wield a total of thirty different enemy weapons throughout the game. Altair assassinates the priest, and now it’s time to escape. He uses a new smoke bomb technique in order to escape, and as he dives into the water, the trailer ends. Assassin’s Creed II will be on the store shelf this holiday.

Jack comes onstage to mention that interactivity will be key in the PSP and PS3 Assassin’s Creed games.

Jack shows us an all new FFXIII trailer. There’s english voice acting, and might I just add in that the CG looks stunning. Well directed and masterfully assembled as always. This one’s pretty story oriented, but eventually cuts into a gameplay montage which looks equally fantastic. One thing that’s toally unreal about this game is the sense of scale… you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about when you run across a gigantic field with open skies and distant hills.

Final Fantasy XIV is announced as a PS3 exclusive1 What the hell! A trailer is shown featuring gigantic beasts and armoured warriors. Oh, and chocobos! And epic music. “You must join hands.. once again”… “Final Fantasy XIV ONLINE” blares across the screen. “A new online epic begins.” Wow, now that was a surprise!

Jack begins talking about a new motion sensing controller. Engineers come out to describe this controller.  It’s a black stick with a bulb on top that changes colour. We begin with some tech demos. It’s 1:1 — true 1:1 tracking. Our demonstrator, Anton, swings around a variety of objects including a tennis racket, baseball bat, golf club, etc. They test out flashlights, move around 3D space, paint and write things with exreme precision. Now we see a dominoes demo (he has two controllers now), and then RTS and FPS demos.

Next up we see a demo with sword fighting, shield use, and archery. It’s very impressive, perfect 1:1… very, very impressive stuff.

Jack comes back to talk LBP. Licensed costumes are coming out courtesy of Disney, from Jack Sparrow to Snow White.

“Play Create Share” was LBP’s tagline last year, and represents the beginning of a whole new genre. Jack is going to introduce a new IP, it’s called…

ModNation Racers. A thoroughly modern take on classic cart racing. The racers are fully customizable (barring basic shape) and can be shared with other players. The demonstrators begin showing off gameplay. The graphics look quite impressive, as does the cart handling. It looks like an extra pretty version of Mario Kart, minus the Nintendo character and worlds. There’s a full track editor, and the demonstrators being to create one. Using regular driving controls (and buttons to adjust elevation, etc.), you lay out the course. In mere seconds, a brand new track was created and playable. Then you can put in backgrounds. Using an adjustable brush, the demonstrators easily put in mountains, lakes, dirt, trees, and so forth. It’s highly intuitive. They even lay out houses , pilons, and all sorts of things alongside the track in the same manner. Oh, and some sheep as well, which the audience loves. This is pretty sick stuff, it’s just so damn intuitive.  Now they position a sun icon to adjust all the lighting, and we’re good to go. End. Incredible potential here, folks! The game is set for release in 2010.

Jack returns to the stage. Time for another new PS3 exclusive, “The Last Guardian”  courtesy of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus creator. Queue trailer. Some cat/bird beast that looks pretty creepy chases a kid through some ruins to the edge of a cliff, but turns out to be his friend. The boy mounts the thinger and they take off into the skies. Presumably, this beast is “the last guardian”. A montage of the two friends climbing, swimming, and playing is shown.  Uh-oh, some rather creepy armed soldiers have entered the scene. Certainly not friends. Now it’s back to a tranquil, windy scene of the two together in grassy fields. Looks magical.

Here it comes everyone, the teaser for Polyphony Digital’s latest: Gran Turismo 5. Do we even need to tell you that the game looks and sounds absolutely unreal? Does it ever. And these are in-game graphics. Beautiful. Now, back to Jack.

The all-star lineup just doesn’t end. Now we’re treated to an onstage demonstration of GOW III. They’re talking controls, and Kratos goes to work on enemies, literallly ripping them limb from limb. The graphics are astonishing. Kratos jumps onto a harpy and claws at it in order to manipulate its flight path, scooting across an abyss. There’s one new gameplay feature for you. Now a titan rises in the distance and Kratos makes his way toward him… Kratos has wings!!! The combos are so fluid and fast. A centaur walks out of a hallway, and at least ten of his minions latch onto Kratos. He fiercely shakes them off. Now he’s going after the minotaur, attacking its legs primarily.  Boom, boom boom, wild effects streaking everywhere. Such style. He pins the minotaur down and cuts open its underbelly. That gets a nice “WHOO” from the crowd. Helios seems to have beef with the titan, as he keeps driving by in his sky-chariot and attacking it. Now we have a strange beast that looks like a really fucked up minotaur fighting with Kratos. The art and character design is outstandingly fresh. Kratos rolls the minotaur over and stomps on its head, then rips out its horns and stabs it through the eyes with them. The game is set for 2010.

“other companies tell you to imagine the future of gaming, and today we’ve showed you the future of gaming”

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