The Legendary Starfy Has Finally Arrived In North America!

Yup, you read that headline correctly.  Starfy, you know, that blockbuster hero from Nintendo you never heard of.  Well anyways, after years of waiting Nintendo of America has finally released the very first Starfy here in North America.  Yes, it’s ABOUT TIME!!!  Head out now and pick up the game if you haven’t done so already.  Everyone needs to support Starfy because his games ROCK!

Here’s the official press release Nintendo was so kind to pass along to us.

Nintendo DS Game Mixes Charm with Powerful Moves and Fun Platforming Action
Vancouver, BC., June 9, 2009 – The newest hero on the block might not seem like a powerhouse at first blush, but don’t let him hear you say that. Starfy has long been a five-pointed hero in Japan. The Legendary Starfy, a new game now available for the portable Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSisystems, marks Starfy’s North American debut and proves that good looks and toughness make a star-studded match.
The Legendary Starfy asks players to help Starfy make his way through a variety of challenges in and around the ocean. Starfy is on a quest to help a mysterious character named Bunston, who crashed through Starfy’s ceiling. Players must figure out how to navigate Starfy to the end of each stage by swimming, jumping and bouncing him over, under and through obstacles.
“Starfy makes a great addition to Nintendo’s roster of iconic characters,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Starfy’s underwater adventures have long been enjoyed by fans in Japan, and his North American debut is sure to provide families with hours of summer fun.”
Starfy’s abilities keep players engaged and bad guys running for cover. His Star Spin, for example, lets him burst through walls and barriers, or power through strong ocean currents. When Starfy teams up with Bunston, he can change into four powerful forms that help him overcome any hindrance and defeat enemies who dare to float in his way. Starfy can become Monstar, a dragon that spits fire; Starpedo, an Arctic seal with acrobatic abilities; Starfright, a spooky specter or Roostar, a super-squawking chicken that lays sonic eggs.
The Legendary Starfy also includes multiplayer options that let up to four friends or family members link up and play a variety of fun mini-games. Players can also team up to play through many of the game’s stages cooperatively as Starfy and his sister, Starly. There’s enough action to keep everyone busy during summer travel excursions. Starfy’s ready for action anytime, anywhere.
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  1. Going to buy this gem as soon as it’s out here! Looks like one sweet platformer, if Super Princess Peach is any indication.

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