Valkyria Chronicles: From Cult to Hit?

When Sega makes epic games these days, they’re bound to be forgotten. Thanks to the power of the internet, however, Valkyria Chronicles may be an exception.

Due to overwhelming post-release viral support from Sega and the fans, this cult hit has new life again…and the publisher is extremely happy about it. While we don’t have exact numbers, a 400% increase in sales in April compared to March is no laughing matter, especially for a game that has been in store shelves since November of last year (bad timing to release a game like this, by the way). Moreover, the good timing of DLC packs and a price cut to 30$ makes everyone happy. And to think this all started with Sega of Japan’s campaign of simply slashing the game’s price.

It’s marketing stratagies like these that make me a happy gamer. I love hearing about cult games selling more than expected. Last time I was this excited is when I heard that Odin Sphere made it into the PS2 “Greatest Hits” line-up, which means that it sold more than 400000 copies!

Sadly, we haven’t reviewed Valkyria Chronicles yet. I have the game, but the fear of being overwhelmed is preventing me to start playing it. Maybe you readers will tease us more if you really want us to write about it. Either way, congrats to Sega and fans. A job well done, indeed! Now, where’s that sequel? Or better yet…Skies of Arcadia 2?

Source: Sega of America Blog

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