PSN Error Across Saudi Arabia?

Error 80710B24 pops up when I tried entering the PSN store moments ago. Apparently, I’m not the only one with the problem. Upon a quick google search, people across Saudi Arabia (and possibly other close regions) are getting the very same error. Arabic forums are buzzing with complaints, while a few English forums like the official PlayStation one are also posting this error. Symptoms vary, but not entering the PSN store is a common denominator among everyone who has this error. I can receive messages from friends, but I can’t get into the PSN store and online play has been extremely screwy for the past few days. I’m wondering whether this problem originates from Sony or Saudi’s DSL provider(s). I’m betting on the latter. Either way, I’ll keep you guys updated on what’s going on with me personally since I highly doubt I can get an official word from Sony or our DSL provider(s).

Update: PSN seems to be working right now. Can’t say much about online play, but it’s still iffy at best.

9 thoughts on “PSN Error Across Saudi Arabia?”

  1. guys WTF IS THIS, ITS BEEN A STINKING WEEK I CANT SIGN IN TO THE DAMN PLAYSTATION NETWORK, idk how much longer its going to last but its the summer for god’s sake PLEAAASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT GUYS PLEASE.


  2. This is purely a Saudi Problem by nature and solution.

    It has nothing to do with PSN as u still can access it from any Wimax or 3G.

    to cut it short, just reboot your modem and the problem will be gone.

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