Mortal Kombat 9 Confirmed & M-rated?

Celebrities like to twitter. Infamous game developers like to do so as well…it’s all the rad these days to reveal stuff through twittering. Through IGN, apparently Ed Boon has gotten into the fad too, talking about the tentively-titled Mortal Kombat 9. All we know is that it’s well into development, not a sequel to their recent DC crossover, and it will be M-rated. Excellent stuff.

Even though Mortal Kombat vs. DC sold 1.9 million units, becoming Midway’s most successful title since 2002, the critical reaction wasn’t that great. The DC license restricted the title to a T-rating and didn’t add much value to the outdated fighter mechanics. Let’s hope the Warner Brothers’ buyout of the company will benefit this new MK game. Motion capture of MK vs. DC was really last-gen…so I’d like to see some really fluid animations ala Soul Calibur IV or Street Fighter IV.

I wish Ed Boon and his team good luck. It would be great for the golden days of MK 3 Ultimate to return with the next installment in the series.

Source: IGN