MMV Wii Games aren't Exclusive per-se…

The word “exclusive” in the gaming industry has lost its true meaning this generation. Many gamers know that by now. Fanboys get disappointed as soon as “exclusive” games on the sole console they own is announced for the competition months later.

I can write a whole article about this topic, but for now I’ll spare you people the details and get to the point of this news post. Marvelous Entertainment has hinted that their Wii-exclusive IPs will possibly be ported to other consoles due to mediocre sales in Japan. The following games are considered: Little King’s Story, Muramasa, No More Heroes, and Arc Rise Fantasia.

The most interesting IP in the list is of course No More Heroes. Its creator, Suda 51 of Grasshopper fame, has also elaborated on the move. He claims that No More Heroes 2 will be the last installment exclusive for the Nintendo Wii, as his team has run out of ideas for the series to expand on the little system that could. Expect No More Heroes 3 to experiment with the Xbox 360’s Natal camera or even hit the PS3 at some point. Obviously, a smart move from MMV is to port the first two games on whatever system No More Heroes 3 is planned for. What’s even smarter is to “enhance” the first two games in the series in terms of replayability and graphics instead of cheap ports that won’t appeal to a lot of people. I’m sure Grasshopper is considering doing so and may be even secretly working on enhanced ports two the bulkier consoles.

Sources: The Magic Box, 1UP

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