The Dragon Quest IX Countdown Has Begun!

Well folks, in only six more days the next iteration of the legendary RPG series will finally be released to millions of anxious players.

Unfortunately the game will only be released in Japan for the foreseeable future, but you should know us by now, we’ve got you covered.  With our pre-order confirmed, the only thing left to do is wait.

Dragon Quest IX will arrive in the COE office Tuesday July 14th, or Wednesday July 15th by the absolute latest.  Since we have this lovely blog, we plan to use of it.  You can expect regular updates showcasing the lovely unboxing, very first impressions alongside more detailed impressions of the battle system, first dungeon, etc.  We’ll also be updating the main COE site with all the latest just so people don’t miss out.

As a nice tease, here are a few pictures from the soon to be released classic.

Here's the new world map. Sure looks good.
The dungeon map is extremely useful, or at least it appears to be so.
Here's one nasty critter you'll have to take care of.
Typical Level-5, check out the detail in the environment.
It's time to kick some ASS!

Remember everyone, we’ll be updating both the blog, and the official COE site with everything you could possibly ask for pertaining to Dragon Quest IX.

2 thoughts on “The Dragon Quest IX Countdown Has Begun!”

  1. Can’t wait for your impressions, man. It’s hard to find you not loving this game at all…but it’ll be interesting on what kind of nitpicks you’ll find in this console to handheld transition.

    BTW, for some reason the images you posted are broken from my end.

  2. You still don’t see the images? That’s bizarre.

    As for this game, I’m sure I’ll love it. I just hope that the problems are fixed. It seems like a nice mixture between classic DQ and more modern RPGs. For example, you can now see enemies on the playing field. You can also see your characters during the battle scenes, etc.

    I’ll give you all detailed impressions the minute the game arrives.

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