Dragon Quest IX Sells Through 2.3 Million In 48 Hours!

We told you last week that Dragon Quest IX would be a blockbuster when it went on sale.  We even covered the launch.  What we weren’t entirely sure of though, was just how big of a hit the game would be.  Today, we finally have that answer.

2,318,932 units.

Hard to believe right?  Well it gets even wackier, this figure is only from the first 48 hours of the game’s availability.  Who knows how well the game will continue to sell as the days, weeks and months go by.

Square-Enix still hasn’t released any word on when the rest of the world can expect to see Dragon Quest IX, but we’re fairly certain it won’t be anytime soon.  Dragon Quest has always arrived in North America quite a while after its Japanese launch.  On top of that the series as a whole isn’t anywhere near as popular as Final Fantasy, at least outside of Japan.  Nintendo and Square-Enix plan to change this with the release of Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS and Dragon Quest X for the Wii.  No word on exactly what that means, but we’ll let you know the minute we hear anything.

Remember, our Dragon Quest IX coverage begins later this week, once our game finally arrives.  It looks good that it will arrive tomorrow afternoon so if that’s the case, expect the first info and pictures sometime tomorrow.

Source: Gamespot

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