Valkyria Chronicles 2 Revealed in Famitsu?

Through the infamous NEOGAF forums, we are given a translation of basic info in the latest Famitsu magazine. DQIX scored a perfect 10 from Famitsu, which is surprising considering the negative reception in amazon. Even Jarrod is having a few issues with the game right now.

Anyway, another tidbit revealed is the existence of Valkyria Chronicles 2, sequel to Cinderella story cult hit of yesteryear on the PS3. All we know about the sequel right now is that it has changed platforms to the PSP and it’s slated for a winter release in Japan. The platform switch sounds logical as the PSP makes a much better console to promote Stratagy RPGs (the handheld is crowded with this genre) and the developing budget goes down considerably. It took a lot of money to make the first Valkyria Chronicles, and sadly it sold like crap no matter how good it recovered after launch. With a revamped PSN store coming later this year, many PSP titles including this one will make great digital launch titles.

I wish the developers good luck on their latest venture.

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