Dwelling of Duels July Results: Password Theme!

Dwelling of Duels is back. Hope you enjoyed May’s results, which I posted details on here. As for June’s results, sadly the turnout was so poor I didn’t even bother posting a blog about it. The Triple Threat theme was a good concept but ultimately confused a lot of people. Sad, really, since the NES Ninja Turtles series has some awesome music which is begging to be played on guitars!

Luckily for us, this month’s turnout is extremely strong since the theme’s pretty interesting. The music links and overall results can be found here, free to download of course. Basically, the entrants had to pick games that had passwords in them. Even though it practically narrows the concept to old-school games, it’s all the way up to the SNES/Genesis era.

The best videogame series that uses passwords, you ask? Castlevania and Mega Man, of course…and this month delivers with both games in spades! Veteran entrant Snappleman snatches up first place after a brief hiatus, remixing music from Castlevania 3. Snapple starts up his track with a very different tempo then his regular in-your-face, fast-paced guitar riffs. It’s actually surprising to get a somber piano-centric into for once…but then the dude goes all progressive rock on our faces. Very Dream Theater-esque. Fortunately for us, he actually cleaned up his entry with better mastering. Check it out:

Head banging! Bangerang!

Moving on, my favorite entry this month is one that placed in third. Master Hatchet takes an under-remixed game soundtrack and melts our faces off with this one. I’m talking about Mega Man X3, baby! Man…I have a lot of awesome memories with this game, the soundtrack included…Blast Hornet, Tunnel Rhino, Crush Crawfish–weird boss names, but some awesome music to listen to. M-H reminded me of how awesome the music is from this installment in particular as he shreds his guitars on Gravity Beetle’s stage tune. The guitars are so well-played, the arrangement is so epic…M-H even manages to throw in another X3 source tune mid-track–the insanely-catchy riff from the intro stage. Don’t miss out on this track, people. Just don’t pay much attention to the weird 1-minute intro…it’s a DoD random thing.

M-H: High Gravity Malt Beetle (Gravity Beetle Stage from Mega Man X3)

More Mega Man madness with another entry–a Bubble Man remix from Mega Man 2. Even though this game has received a lot of remixes, this one from the competition manages to be pretty solid throughout, particularly with that bass solo towards the end.

ULTRANOMICON: Bubble Man Remix from Mega Man 2

There you go. My three favorite tracks from this month. Don’t take my word for it, though. I urge you to check out the rest of the entries, particularly the Middle-Eastern-themed take on Mega Man 3’s Gemini Man and ROCKTENDO’s funky Castlevania 3 remix.

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