COE 3.0 Progress Update!

It’s been over two months since Jarrod Nichol’s announcement of our website’s third redesign a.k.a. Project COE 3.0. I’m sure some of you are wondering what has been going on since then.

It’s no secret that we’ve been updating you people constantly through our podcasts, evident on the right sidebar of this page. But I figured that not everybody will be listening in to our hour-long ramblings, however. So it’s better to post about this for everyone to read.

The good news is that we are making progress, contrary to popular belief. It’s just that it isn’t as “imminent” as we thought. A lot of hard work has gone into this revision. Our designer, Eddy Tavio, has been updating our 3.0 page constantly…and in turn we’ve been providing him with feedback and ideas. I can say that he’s been doing an excellent job turning our vision into reality. We’re trying to keep everything as user-friendly as possible without sacrificing Eddy’s style. I’m pretty sure that you guys will enjoy what we’re going to offer. Aside from CMS implementation, we have a couple of big changes to our approach, most of which is related to how the community will affect Project COE. Our main hub and concepts are complete…we just need a couple of tweaks with our individual pages like reviews and whatnot. We’re also trying to get the new logo just right. Don’t worry, we’re still keeping our old “power logo” for some implementations, but we need something shiny and professional for the main page.

Now for the bad news. Regarding our CMS, I have to report that JJ is out of commission at the moment. Alas, that’s how life works. He’s still our webmaster, but he can’t work on a big project like this currently. Of course, we’d love for anyone with CMS experience to help us out, but in reality this is hard to ask for without getting paid in return, and as most of you know we’re a non-profit site. In turn, we’re facing reality and looking into hiring a company to work on our vision. We’re in talks with one at the moment, but we’re still open to suggestions. This isn’t a cheap thing do to after all and in the end it looks like we’re all going to chip in paying for once.

I’ll keep updating you people with news on the progress as we keep moving forward. The pieces are definitely falling in place. I’ll just have to ask you to be patient for a bit longer. After all, you’ve stuck with us through thick and thin…another month or two will do you no harm. For now, enjoy the content we’ll keep on feeding you through our blog and 2.0 main page. We’re updating both simultaneously as you can see. I’m looking into posting reviews and articles on both sites instead of limiting news to our blog and everything else to our 2.0 hard-coded page. I’m sure you noticed that our Dragon Quest IX Import Review made it on both sites.

Later days, people.

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