Wii Sports Resort Fitness Log: Golf, Golf, Archery, and More Golf!

Time Logged: Around 5 Hours

Games Played: Golf, Archery, and Table Tennis

Multiplayer Only!

My last blog ended in a somewhat somber note regarding the value of Wii Sports Resort. I’ll be a bit more fair, however. Most of the good sports within this game do not require simultaneous multiplayer…which makes sharing one Wiimote + MotionPlus with 3 other players a viable option. Still, for games like Table Tennis and Air Sports you’ll need another MotionPlus.

Speaking of Table Tennis, I had a friend who loves the sport (in real life) try it out. He found the 1:1 controls really exciting, but not all types of hits are supported, i.e. no topspin. Also, just like Tennis in the original Wii Sports, the inability to move about manually via nunchuck does restrict the realistic appeal a bit. It’s all good fun, though.

My friend and I continued to try out Golf and Archery, which are very addicting. I noticed few common and annoying flaws as we played longer. Controls sometimes screw up for no reason whatsoever, so you’ll have to pause your game and recalibrate frequently. Moreover, as you unlock in-game achievements, the game sends you individual “junk” messages to your Wii System Menu…and there’s no way to turn this off.

Now, with Archery I don’t have much to add upon my previous impressions…except for the fact that it’s one of the challenging games in the bunch. Not “frustrating/challenging”, thankfully. As you ramp up the difficulty, the game starts throwing more obstacles at you aside from the increasing distance. Stuff like more winds and a moving target.

As for Golf, it’s also one of the strongest games here despite being a Wii Sports rehash. While the revamped Bowling didn’t quite impress me, Golf is another matter. Like Bowling, MotionPlus adds a lesser margin of error in Golf. The strengths of your swings are detected easier. Additionally, another thing you have to keep in mind–not in the original Wii Sports–while swinging is to keep your wrists still. Basically, you’ll have to mimic a real-life swing arc in order to get a straight shot…if your wrists aren’t stable you may get a hook. You can obviously intentionally hook your shots if you like…but I find it hard to do so. My only complaint is that there aren’t enough statistics (ala Mario Golf) to accompany the deep controls. The golf physics are pretty realistic so it would’ve been nice to get more details as to the supposed arcs of your shots and whatnot. To be fair though, compared to the originals Wii Sports, this sequel offers a bit more details on the green’s terrain. As for the courses, you have new ones in addition to returning “classics” from Wii Sports. Good stuff overall.

I’ve yet to try canoeing, cycling, and wakeboarding…but upon reading on how boring those games are, I’m not that excited to give them a spin. I’ll need to go moe through them soon in order to get our official review online. Wish me luck.