Final Look of the Rumored PS3 Slim? Really Now?

Boy, those Chinese love leaking stuff in the making, eh? That’s how the alpha models of the supposed PS3 Slim got leaked to the press before E3. The convention came and went with no word on this redesign, however.

Jarrod and I had a lengthy discussion yesterday about GamesCom convention (one week away), which will host a 3-hour press conference from Sony. There are a lot of predictions on what they will reveal, like confirmed dates of GT Mobile, Little Big Planet PSP, UMD legacy lineup for the PSN store, new PS3 firmware that includes PS2 support to all models, early 2010 plans, and so on and so forth…but I think the PS3 Slim is an unlikely one. In my opinion, it’s simply too early for a redesign of this system. I think that it’s best to release a remodel next year bundled with their new motion controllers to compete with Microsoft’s Project Natal. Nonetheless, the rumors and leaks keep on coming…including this latest one from Chinese Magazine GameWave. They’re claiming the contrary and that the new model will launch at September for 299$. Wow…honestly I’ll be surprised if this happens. This leak includes pictures as you can see…don’t know if they’re doctored, but looking good either way.

Source: Mhilblart (via The Magic Box)

2 thoughts on “Final Look of the Rumored PS3 Slim? Really Now?”

  1. With all the info coming out, it’s really starting to look like a reduced priced Slim PS3 is indeed going to make its way to the masses later this year. I didn’t think it would be the best time, but a price reduction is a MUST. Apparently Europe can no longer order PS3s, so what exactly does that say?

  2. I’ve owned a 360 and Wii since shortly after each launched. The price of the PS3 always held me back, but when the slim came out with the new price tag, I decided it was time to take the plunge, and I’m glad I did! It’s sleek low profile looks great in my entertainment center and is nearly silent when compared to my (twice repaired) 360. The games look just fantastic! Be aware that this doesn’t come with an HDMI cable, (only composite) so if you are hooking up to an HDTV, be sure to pick one up. I had to go out and get one after getting my system, so save yourself a trip. Other than that, I heartily recommend this system! Bravo Sony!

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