Our New Short Link!

Here you go, our new Short Link:


WordPress just started this Short Link concept and I’m getting in the bandwagon. Problem is, I can’t edit the link itself. Call me a “newb” here, but wouldn’t it be great if I can have a short link like “WP.me/coe”? 

As you can see, I’ve been modifying our blog little by little, learning the steps as some would put it. Figured out how to put a poll on our left sidebar and RSS feed our podcast on the right one. I’m loving the theme I have right now because of these two sidebars. However, there’s this great new theme that WordPress just issued called the iNove. Looks excellent and a lot more organized, yet there’s only one sidebar. Hmm…to change or not to change?

If we have a readerbase out there, sound off in our comments and help me decide!

One thought on “Our New Short Link!”

  1. They probably do this for security/spam/trademark reasons, so people can’t take over wp.me/microsoft etc. but sure, they could allow you to change the shortlink to one of your choosing (including one at another domain altogether). Ask and [perhaps] you shall receive.

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