GamesCom Podcast Up

Jarrod & Justin run down the latest announcements from GamesCom and give their initial thoughts.  They also run down the latest news outside the big European conference.   We missed our weekly podcast last Sunday, so this is a special podcast for a special event.  We sure hope you guys enjoy it.

If you’d like to check out our most recent podcasts, click here.  Don’t worry, it’s an XML link that will take you to our official podcast feed.

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4 thoughts on “GamesCom Podcast Up”

  1. It was a pseudo spur-of-the-moment recording Ahmed, sorry pal….plus I was rather emphatic with Jarrod that we NEEDED an episode for the week. We didn’t post about it anywhere on the forum. Not to mention we started at like 6:00 pm, so that would’ve been 2am your time, and chances are you wouldn’t have been available. But hey, at least I reserved my special topics for this Sunday ;)

    Edit: By the way, have fun hearing me sound like a complete moron :P And another thing, I’m not impressed with how I sound during a Skype call. My volume is REALLY subdued…or am I the only one who thinks so?

  2. Damn you guys! Nobody told me that we were doing a podcast today! Probably missed a post in our GamesCom thread or something. Still, individual posts help!

    I’ll listen to this stuff in a bit.

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