Final Fantasy XIII "Development Statisitcs" Revealed!

Old news is good news. In case you haven’t noticed, Square-Enix revealed it’s progress with Final Fantasy XIII during GamesCom 2009. Here’s what’s going on thus far:  




  • Final Fantasy XIII will ship simultaneously on PS3 and Xbox 360 in North America on Spring 2010
  • PS3 version is 90% completed and the 360 version is 70% completed
  • The Xbox 360 version will most likely fit on 3 DVDs
  • The content and visuals between the two versions will be almost identical, there maybe some subtle differences
  • The English voice-over will be lip-synced, so no dual language track is planned
  • The Paradigm Shift system was shown, in which your character’s setting can be modified. Available options are Overwhelm, Peacemaker and Aggression



Interesting info, eh? Development is going a lot smoother than I expected. In this rate, I won’t be surprised if the game hits Japan at December 2009. I also found “subtle differences” between the two versions to be an interesting choice of words. Is this something that only graphics junkees will pick up upon closer inspection or will all of us see which version will ultimately be the better one? I’m going for the PS3 version ’cause it’s the system originally developed for. Then again, Xbox 360 multiplatform games usually outshine PS3 ones in a few areas. 3 DVDs for the Xbox 360 is an interesting revelation as well…we all knew that this will most likely happen, but we were wondering how many DVDs…although 3 has been the standard on the Xbox 360 with RPGs like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and Star Ocean 4. If we’re talking space here, that means the game’s just short of 25 GB big, which is equal to a single-layered blu-ray disc. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Square-Enix will be using a single-layered blu-ray, though. With PCM uncompressed sound, the game can easily go up to 50 GB on the PS3…which I’m sure that the developer will go for.

Finally, no dual track for voiceovers is somewhat disappointing for JRPG fans. Then again, modified lip-syncing for English voices is a great asset. English voice acting must be almost recorded for Square-Enix to release a statement like that.

Keep it locked to this blog for more info on the battle system as soon as gameplay videos and impressions are shown (let’s hope).

Source: The Magic Box (August 20th, 2009 post)

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  1. That’s interesting news there Ahmed. I’m curious to see exactly when the game will release in Japan. Right now it’s looking like it will make that December release date. That also means we’ll probably get it in North America around six to eight months later which isn’t too bad. There’s no way they’d release this during March, or at least I can’t see that happening.

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