Shadow Complex Adventure Log Part II

Shadow Complex
Platform: Xbox Live Arcade
ESRB Rating: T
Number of Players: 1
Genre: Action Adventure
Publisher: Epic Games
Developer: Chair Entertainment
Release Date: August 19th, 2009
Price: 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15)
Total Play Time: 3 hours, 26 minutes

I’m not sure if I’ve ever revealed this on our new blog here, but I’m a really big comic fan.  Each and every week I head to my local comic shop to pick up my weekly comics.  Why tell you this, because it’s my other big hobby outside of videogames and movies.  One day if COE 3.0 really takes off, I’d even like to create a dedicated movie and comic section.  That’s getting a little ahead of myself.  The real reason I wanted to mention this is because today I read a few comics before jumping right back into Shadow Complex.  Just like my initial impressions, this game hasn’t let up yet.  I’m still loving every single moment of it.

I must have played around two and a half hours total, and I still can’t get over how much of an homage this title plays to Super Metroid.  Today I gained the ability to swim underwater, and I picked up a foam gun.  Basically whatever you shoot at freezes for a few seconds so you can use that object as a platform to reach unattainable areas.  On top of that I also picked up what appears to be a jet-pack-like device which allows players double jump.

My brother and I have actually been playing the game together since we loved Super Metroid so much, and now he wants to buy an Xbox 360, just for this one arcade game.  Now that’s power folks.  When an arcade game can convince someone to buy a next-gen system, you know you’ve hit gold.

I’m not entirely sure when the next time I’ll be able to play the game, because my brother made me swear I wouldn’t play it until he arrived at my house.  In any case I believe our very own Justin Joseph wanted to write the review so that won’t affect things for me.  I still have tons of other games to cover if Justin wants to tackle the review.

I’ll update again later on once I’ve made it a little further into the game.  For now though, damn this is the best arcade game I’ve ever played.  Yes I just went there!

2 thoughts on “Shadow Complex Adventure Log Part II”

  1. First off…the next time you post one of these, do your best to remember that it’s “Chair”, not “Chain” Entertainment ;)

    Second, I never explicitly told you that I was reviewing the game. Yet at the same time, I’d be glad to since it’s my first Arcade download since Ikaruga haha. Plus, what you just described is more or less where I am in the campaign…but I did this in one evening. I plan to play more tomorrow :)

  2. Whoops, my bad on the dev name :-P

    As for the play time, I just updated the blog post to show how long I’ve been playing. I haven’t really had the chance to sit down and play through in large chunks. Oh well.

    In terms of the review, it’s all yours :) You’re going to be able to complete the game LONG before I ever could, simply because my brother is so adamant about me NOT playing unless he’s here.

    So what do you actually think of the game Justin?

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