The Xbox 360 Price Shuffle! How Will Nintendo Respond?

A lot of rumors on this report have been buzzing around during GamesCom week, but now we have official confirmation. To retaliate against Sony’s “PS3 Slim movement”, Microsoft has dropped the prices of the Xbox 360 Elite and Pro models to 299$ and 249$ respectively. Additionally, the Pro models are being phased out and only the Arcade and Elite will remain.

The Xbox 360 Elite and PS3 Slim are now equal in terms of price. It’s going to be very interesting so see which will sell better during the upcoming months leading to the big holiday season. Also, will this finally make Nintendo budge with a price drop of its own? Either way, the Wii has been selling like hot cakes since 2006 even though its price has always remained the same–250$.

Now that the next-gen-powered consoles’ prices are close to the Wii’s, Nintendo will have to make a move so that consumers don’t start complaining about its price being too high for an underpowered console. Expect them to act slowly–survey the matter and looking before leaping. Thus far, outside of Japan at least, the Wii has not been bundled extensively like its competitors and GameCube …so maybe that will be something Nintendo will look into. More bundles at lower prices. A Wii Sports Resort bundle is looking really good right now in my opinion. It’s the perfect way to replace the archaic Wii Sports of 2006 and introduce consumers to the latest technology in the form of Wii MotionPlus.

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