In The Pipeline: Sploding Fat Princess Working Out in the Sports Resort/Asylum! [August 30th, 2009]

Here’s a nice little new feature that’ll wet everyone’s appetites. Since finished game reviews take awhile to upload to our current site due to pressured editing duty and archaic HTML work, we’ve decided to show you faithful readers a sneak peak to what’s on the queue. Keep in mind that what you’re about to read is subject to change. Modifications from the author himself and/or the editor are constantly done until these reviews are officially posted online.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Review [PS3, Xbox 360] by Jarrod Nichol

As you can clearly tell by now, not only does Arkham Asylum feature a genuinely fun battle system, but it also features a robust and highly addictive exploration system.  I haven’t even gone into detail about your ability to zip line across great distances, using your cape to glide across chasms and all the other little goodies you can do.  There’s virtually no point to get into any of that because once you start playing the ten hour campaign, you can’t stop.  It’s really that simple.  When you finish the campaign, there are many reasons to go back and play through it again.  One of them is to collect all of the Riddler’s challenges, but the other is the challenge mode.  This mode pits you up against a bunch of baddies and sets various criteria for your win.  It should be noted that the PlayStation 3 version features the Joker as a playable character, but only in these challenge rooms, and only after Batman has unlocked them first.  His unique gameplay addition convinced us that the PS3 version is the definitive one to purchase.   If you don’t own a PS3 though, then by all means buy this game on the 360 because no matter which system you own, it’s a masterpiece.

Splosion Man Review [XBLA] by Jarrod Nichol

“One of my favourite games from earlier this year was Twisted Pixel’s The Maw.  I don’t know what it was, but there was something about that game.  Whether it was the addictive gameplay or the game’s charm, I’ll never know.  Whatever it was, Twisted Pixel jumped onto my radar in a very big way.  So here we are about seven months after The Maw’s release and Twisted Pixel is back again with another fantastic Xbox Live arcade game.  This one is quite a bit different than the last, but it retains all the charm and addictive gameplay that made that game such an undeniable hit.”

Fat Princess Review [PSN] by Charles Sharam

“Connectivity issues abound when you’re trying to set up a game on Fat Princess, but once you get into a  match you’re typically okay apart from occasional lag and the odd glitch. Hopefully the developers can iron out these server issues, as it’s a pain in the butt to be repeatedly disconnected before getting into a game. You’ll want to find enough human players to fill up all spots on both teams for optimal gameplay, otherwise AI players fill the empty slots, and boy, is the AI pathetic. Furthermore, you’ll want to invest in a headset or it can be frustrating to work with your team. Despite the connectivity pitfalls, once you’re into an insane 16 vs. 16 online match you’ll understand why people keep coming back for more. It’s a hell of a lot of fun.”

Wii Sports Resort Review by Ahmed Mosly

“To compensate for these troubles, the developers emphasized one of this sequel’s biggest aspects; more of everything. In contrast to the original Wii Sports’ “demo-like” feel, the sequel is more of a complete game this time around, blurring the line between casual and hardcore experiences. If you don’t like the default “play against the CPU” or “beat the high score” modes, most sports have an extra alternate mode or two that are a lot more fun. My personal favorites are “Frisbee Golf” and “Spin Control Bowling”, the former of which is the most creative blend of two different sports I’ve ever played. Additionally, Xbox 360-like achievements are present in the form of “stamps”. Now that’s something that’ll tickle the funny bones of single-player enthusiasts.”

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