In The Pipeline: Modern-Day Super Metroid

Golly, it feels like I’m coming out of retirement or something with this pending review!  A critique is certainly long overdue from your ProjectCOE Editor-in-Chief, but I’m thrilled to return to the scene with my opinion for none other than Epic Games’ and Chair Entertainment’s Super Metroid for the current generation.  And since everyone on the staff liked how Ahmed kicked off this feature with the likes of Splosion Man, Fat Princess and Wii Sports Resort…I thought I would be perfectly arrogant in teasing all of you with just this one piece that should be live on our site tomorrow!

Also be on the lookout for Renegade Kid and Mastiff’s DS FPS Moon in the coming days.  I finally finished that puppy, and look forward to telling everyone about it!

Shadow Complex Review [XBLA] by Justin Joseph

“Lessons learned from games vary from person to person.  In the case with yours truly and Epic Games’ Shadow Complex, I now know to never take a lady friend to a remote wooded area.  That obviously sounds silly and borderline childish given the plot surrounds main character Jason Fleming stuck with the undesired task of stopping a sect of political revolutionaries, but that’s why the Xbox Live Arcade download is so special.  It carries a serious overtone, but underneath is a blanket of light-hearted and corny humor that I could snuggle with any day.  Yes, I said snuggle.  But of course the intense Super Metroid-like (as if you didn’t see that reference coming) action doesn’t hurt matters either.”

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  1. Nice, man! Keep it up. Looks like your review is going to rock. I’ve been bugging Tim and Charles to contribute here but sadly Tim has been the only one to answer my call, and barely so.

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