COE 3.0 Progress Update: Starting Small

We’re back with another progress update on our revamped website. So what has been going on since I last reported, you ask? To tell you the truth, it’s been eventful but actual progress has taken a step back.

I think we were overly ambitious on starting big immediately. We have a lot of ideas and Eddy has done a tremendous job in implementing them all into our design. However, in reality everything we ask for will cost a whole lot. A few thousand dollars to be specific. Sadly, we can’t afford something like that right now. So we’re sort of back to Square one here. We’re all frustrated that all our ideas and work won’t be shown to the public anytime soon. Looking at the glass half-full, I can say that we set a goal for ourselves to reach. We need to start small and basic, make money off the site, then implement our ideas one by one. Everyone starts small, even giants like IGN.

We’re waiting for our contact to give us more details on a basic design to start with. In the end, we’ll have to prioritize on “ease of use” and “user comments”…sort of like what’s happening with this blog.

We all feel like crap for hyping you readers up then delivering next to nothing with delay after delay. Unfortunately, we’re not experienced with all the technicalities so these things tend to get out of our jurisdiction. Yet, we’re still optimistic…so I hope you feel the same, too.

One thought on “COE 3.0 Progress Update: Starting Small”

  1. We couldn’t have predicted this, so it’s nobody’s fault really. At least we have the visual resources the site eventually will have pretty well-established. It’s now just a matter of rediscovering step one of the formal process.

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