Dissidia Final Fantasy Training Log III: More of the Same

Overall Playtime: 10 hours

Modes Played: Story Mode, Arcade Mode

Characters Used: Squall, Zidane, Firion, Tidus

The reason why I haven’t update this log in a week is because that things has been more of the same since my last write-up. The Story Mode’s only change-up in terms of progression is how grids get harder depending on the character. Multiple pathways, hidden enemies, and the like. I enjoyed my first playthroughs with Squall and Zidane. Both represent their games well and their voice actors are pretty good. Squall is a bit on the nasal side compared to his Kingdom Hearts actor, don’t you think? I especially like Zidane’s lines…one he says that I recall from the original game revolves around “not needing a reason to help people”.

There’s an additional mode within the story mode called “Shade Impulse” that has been unlocked in my game since I finished playing with one character. I think I’ll be able to use villains if I go through that mode or something. One long game indeed. I won’t deny that repetitiveness is starting to drag in, but seeing how I’m a fan of Final Fantasy I find myself enjoying certain characters.

I also tried the Arcade Mode today. Used Onion Knight. Such a fun character to play with because of his speed. His EX Mode is hilarious as well. Basically, the mode is straight-forward…beating 5 characters by turn and you’re done.

I think I’m just about ready for the full review, don’t you? I’ll try out Shade Impulse and see how it goes. One or two more log entries are more than enough for a full outlook of the game.

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