What's the Big Deal with WET? Stranglehold Came First!

So WET is one of those cool-looking mindless action games that recently has been released for the 360/PS3. Upon playing the demo, I enjoyed the Tarantino-inspired look and the amazing rock-oriented soundtrack. But what’s with that gameplay, eh? The character (Rubi) looks great doing all those fancy moves, but talk about bullet-time overkill here. The game practically plays itself for crying out loud…almost like an interactive movie ala Dragon’s Lair. Not only that, but I feel that the gameplay’s a complete rip-off of 2007’s Stranglehold for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Now, I would understand if it’s coming from the same developer…but no, this is Artificial Mind and Movement’s first original IP, previously working on licensed kid games. Stranglehold, on the other hand, was developed by Midway.

I’m getting pissed off by the fact that media outlets continuously fail to mention WET’s extreme similarities to Stranglehold in the gameplay department. Instead, it gets raving points for originality from some sites. Now, granted, I may be jumping the gun here since I’ve only played the demo and not the full game…but I highly doubt that WET deviates from the structure presented in the demo. Just add a few more stunt moves and quick-time events and you’ve got yourself the full game of WET. I admire the developer’s first foray into original IP territory (especially with some pretty good audiovisual production values), but I’m sure they can do better than ripping-off other games and overusing the bullet-time concept. It’s Arcade-y and maybe worth a rental for those who are interested in a “quick bite to eat”…but 60 bucks is just too much for people like me.

I’d love to hear thoughts of gamers who actually played through this game.

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