In The Pipeline: A Phantom Scribbling Out A Legend

What’s up everybody?  Editor-in-Chief of ProjectCOE here.  We have some juicy content coming down the review pipeline over the next couple days…and below you can find teasers of what you’ll soon be reading in full.  Enjoy!

Phantom Brave We Meet Again [Wii] by Steven Lacroix

Phantom Brave We Meet Again originally hit the PlayStation 2 in 2004. As of now, Wii owners are lucky to have the definitive version.  The game has seen a visual upgrade, and a few newly added chapters. SRPG fans should definitely be looking for this release, while casual gamers are encouraged to stay away.  Yes, this is one of those not-for-everyone, hardcore games.  If titles like Stella Deus or La Pucelle Tactics are your cup of tea, then there’s plenty to love here for several weeks.

Scribblenauts [NDS] by Justin Joseph

It’s uncommon for a lesser-known developer to have one critically-acclaimed hit, let alone three in succession.  I speak of 5th Cell, responsible not only for the game being reviewed here, but also Drawn to Life and Lock’s Quest.  I’ve unfortunately not played the latter two, but working through the E3 2009 Game of the Show Scribblenauts has helped me understand why I have every reason to.  5th Cell’s latest fray on DS isn’t exactly a shining example of comfortable control, but the unbelievable degree of thought-provoking puzzle content more than makes up for those pitfalls.

Legendary [X360/PS3/PC] by Justin Joseph

I’m well-aware that the title of this game, Legendary, is tied to its farce of a plot, but methinks a reconsideration would’ve helped it avoid naturally-conceived high expectations at retail.  Not that a mere title change could’ve done anything in the end either way, because this experience is plain bad.  It’s not unplayable, but ten minutes is all you need to reach the conclusion that the project saw very little time in the QA department.  Spark Unlimited’s opportunity to improve upon Turning Point: Fall of Liberty fell way short of the mark.  It’s a shame; perhaps they should’ve tried another unique retelling of American history.  Better yet, maybe the company needs to shift its focus to a different genre.

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