Expanding Our Horizons…

Hey all,

In the coming weeks and months we’re going to be diversifying our content in a major way.  While we all love gaming, a lot of us also have other interests that we’d like to share with you, namely movies, music and comics.  Personally I’m a huge movie and comic fan alongside my passion for gaming.  I just wanted to give you all the head’s up so you don’t come to the blog and go “WTF is this?”

So to start this out, I’m going to offer a small teaser of what you can expect in the coming days…

I don’t think this book needs an introduction.  If you know anything about comics, you know that this is one of the most sought after books in the entire world.

So that’s enough of a teaser.  What I might do is update every Wednesday with the books I buy, showcase new games I pick up on a weekly basis and more.  It’s time we start to show our true colors here at COE.  Let us know if you enjoy these different mediums.  If not, we can easily return to gaming ;)

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