TGS 2009: PS3 Motion Controller Demoing!

TGS is well underway and we’ve been doing a poor job covering it. Don’t blame me though. Sadly, we’re not live there as we were in this year’s E3. However, there’s a chance that our very own Tim MacKenzie will supply us with live pictures and impressions tomorrow (he’s in Japan for a different reason). So be on the lookout for that.

Also, I haven’t seen any megaton announcements so far. It’s mostly been lots of games and hands-on experiences of upcoming releases.

There’s been a battle of sorts between Microsoft’s Project Natal and Sony’s PS3 Motion Controller. Big name people such as Hideo Kojima are involved in taking sides and promoting these products even though practically nothing has been shown.

Things stirred up recently, however, when Sony showed off its PS3 Motion controller in action.

The first video shows LittleBigPlanet with motion control support. Gameplay starts around the 30 second mark. Right off the bat, this looks like a more cooperative setup similar to what Super Mario Galaxy employed. One player controls Sackboy normally while the other plays around with context-sensitive objects via motion controller to help Sackboy pass through these obstacles. Very interesting stuff. The demo seemed to control smoothly as well.

The second video shows Resident Evil 5 (Alternate Edition/Director’s Cut). Gameplay starts around 2:50. Yes, it’s basically Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition with one major difference; wand controller in one hand for aiming, PS3 controller in the other for moving around. Looks very clunky to me. I’m not sure if this is final though. Sony will probably whoop up a nunchuck rip-off, but for people who don’t want to pay more, it’s nice to have this uncomfortable option appear in the final game too.

Thus far, Sony has been copying the Wii by updating existing games into familiar motion territory. They claim that their controller offers higher precision, but with the Wii MotionPlus out for a few months now, it’ll be interesting to compare the feel of both eventually. Furthermore, there’s the question of whether or not these updates to existing PS3 games will be offered through the PSN store. LittleBigPlanet will surely do so, but I’m not so sure about RE5. Some claim that the “Alternate Edition” subtitle is a downloadable update while “Director’s Cut” will be on retail. Let’s hope that’s the case because most people don’t want to spend another 50$ for motion control support and an extra playable character.

Source: VG247 (Via Kotaku)

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