Do You Want There To Be A Dark Cloud 3?


Hey, remember the Dark Cloud games? Me too. But it’s been well over six years since the last game in the series, Dark Cloud 2, was released, and I’m hungry for another sequel. You should be, too! In a recent interview with Kotaku, Level 5’s Yoshiaki Kusuda informs us that he has the desire to make a new Dark Cloud, but it’s our job to ramp up the demand. Here’s what he had to say:

“There are many staff members, including myself at Level 5, who have worked on the Dark Cloud series. There are some who decided to join Level 5 because they love the Dark Cloud series. So, if requests from users should increase in the future, we would seriously consider making it.”

So there you have it. It’s time to make use of all those hotmail accounts you registered in middle school and barrage Kusuda-san with emails every day until he announces Dark Cloud 3. Have fun!

One thought on “Do You Want There To Be A Dark Cloud 3?”

  1. Man…that series brings back good memories. Dark Cloud 1 was one of my first PS2 games and for awhile I was completely engrossed by it. Dark Cloud 2 is such a great game…but sadly I have not devoted enough time to it. It’s the closest to Zelda that level 5 has ever gotten.

    I wish level 5 could revisit the series again, especially with their newfound popularity and expertise thanks to working with Sony and Square-Enix. Sadly, I don’t think Dark Cloud 2 sold well. Dark Cloud 1 was pretty successful back in the day.

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