PlayStation Holiday Event Tomorrow!

PS Event

I had to take out some personal information, but as you can see this little event should be quite exciting.  Tomorrow I head out for Toronto to cover this event.  I’ll be there for just about the entire five hours.  My return flight is scheduled for 5:00PM and given how close the airport is to this event, I may have some coverage up by tomorrow evening.  No promises though, but it looks good.

I’m going to be bringing my digital camera with me, so I can take some moving pictures along with tons of regular pics.  My camcorder has gone the way of the Dodo so I’m sorry if the quality isn’t quite up to par.  I’ll just have to make do with what I have.

I currently have no idea what this event will hold, but I’m hoping for a far more detailed look at Uncharted 2, MAG, God of War 3 and perhaps even Heavy Rain.  I’m not sure if all of these AAA titles will be at the show, but if they are, I don’t care how long I have to wait in line, I’m GOING to play them.

Last year the show featured games that all launched in November and December, but this year virtually everything has been moved into 2010 so it should be interesting.  I’ll give you guys all the latest the moment I’m back in Montreal.  I really hope you enjoy the coverage :)

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  1. @Ahmed Mosly

    Yeah I’m hoping everything goes well Ahmed. Did you watch my Wet video review? I think it came out better than my MotorStorm one, even though my voice is pretty garbled. I’m really hoping we can get some God of War 3 time because our or lack of impressions from E3. This would really make up for that. The same for Heavy Rain. I’m not entirely sure what will be there though, but God of War seems like a likely candidate. I only wish some of you guys could accompany me on these trips.

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