YouTube Performer of the Day: Waltz for Luma!

Martin Leung (a.k.a. The Video Game Pianist) started a very interesting internet phenomenon. By performing piano interpretations of classic video game tunes for the world to see, his videos truly inspired many fans out there. Now, he’s part of the awesome Video Games Live line-up. As soon as YouTube went mainstream, everyone who loved game music and played an instrument mimicked Martin. Essentially, Martin has more or less achieved his goal; people are now celebrating video game music as an art via these live performances.

Look around in YouTube and you’ll find a ton of videos that contain game music played live through an instrument or two. And it’s not just individual talents; even video game-centric bands upload videos of themselves in an underground live show of some sort.

So with this new series, I’m going to highlight these people constantly. I happen to love listening to this stuff.

For our first artist of this series, we have Aivi Tran a.k.a Waltz for Luma. Her instrument is obviously the piano and judging by her pen-name, she loves Super Mario Galaxy. Most of her performances are from said game, aiming for a “Super Mario Galaxy Piano Collection” of sorts. Her sweet trademark is having a Luma doll sitting at her piano as she plays. I find it pretty cool that YouTube is filled with people like her who love covering Mario Galaxy’s soundtrack, even though it’s relatively modern and fully orchestrated. Aivi’s playing is a really good tribute to this awesome soundtrack.

Here’s her take on Buoy Base Galaxy a.k.a. Floater Land. This is one of my favorite tracks of the game, and she manages to cover it well. The dynamic and progressive nature of this track makes it a nice fit for a piano cover.

Luckily for us, Aivi also tries to cover music from other games. Her best video in my opinion is this one:

Ah, Dragon Roost Island, one of my favorite tracks of the whole Legend of Zelda series. In this video, she happens to perform it with a friend on acoustic guitar. It’s one of the best interpretations of the track I’ve listened to in awhile. There’s a lot of sweet improvisations mid-track, too. The overall performance sort of reminds me of the Big Band Live version from a couple of years back. Good stuff.

Check out her channel for more of her stuff…don’t forget to subscribe! She also has a blog and last FM page, the latter of which you’ll find MP3 versions of her videos if you’re interested.

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