Here’s what it’s like inside the PlayStation Holiday Event

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I figure before we get to the games, that I’d give you all an insider’s look into what it’s like to go to one of these little shindigs.  Upon entering, you always have to check-in.  That’s typically where you get some swag.  Every year the swag varies depending on the show, who’s invited, what’s being shown, etc.  This year the press were given a scarf.  Yes it’s a bizarre piece of swag, but whatever.  You can see the image above.

The flip-side to the PS logo.
The flip-side to the PS logo.

Once you sign in, get your swag, you’re pretty well free to do as you please.  This year’s venue had two very large open areas where Ubisoft, EA, Namco Bandai, Sega and SCEA were showing off their latest goods.  Here’s one image to wet your appetites.

Look at all the peeps!
Look at all the peeps!

While you play the games, catering services bring a bunch of food to you, which is always a treat.  This year there was an asian motif, which was great because the food was fantastic.  There’s also an open bar, which is useful for a bunch of gamers ;)

I was lucky I brought my digital camera with me because it allowed me to take some videos of not only the event, but all the games there.  Keep in mind this isn’t a digital camcorder so the quality isn’t exactly wonderful.  I had to make do with what I had on me.

So there you have it folks.  That’s a very brief look at what it’s like inside one of these events.  Tomorrow I’ll get up all the offscreen video footage I took.  Each video is around two minutes, but some are of varying quality.  Remember that I had to wait for people to play the games while I filmed them, so don’t expect great gameplay ;)

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  1. It’s coming Ahmed. I’ve got some big ones first with Uncharted 2, which is now online, and God of War 3, Heavy Rain, and then my dev time with Mod Nation Racers :) I don’t even have to write an articles ;)

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