Bungie Designers Form New Studio, Moonshot Games


The production lead from Halo 2 and 3, Michel Bastien, is joined by Bungie’s gameplay engineering and AI lead, Damián Isla, and Halo writer/mission designer/design lead, Rob Stokes. The three personalities are now managing director, director of technology, and creative director  of Moonshot Games, respectively. In addition to the entourage of Halo designers is rising artist Mike McCain, who previously worked with Bastien at Fyreball (now Meteor Solutions).

The goal of Moonshot Games is to create top tier downloadable games without the big team and big budget required to tackle gargantuan projects like those in the Halo franchise.

Led by a small team of experienced industry veterans, Moonshot is pledged to the exploration and development of high-quality downloadable games. Their maiden flight is set to establish a permanent presence on this exciting new world in the gaming universe.

We look forward to seeing what this talented team can bring to the gaming table. You can check out their website below:

Moonshot Games

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