What Do We Have Here?


Why that looks an awful lot like Forza MotorSport 3, doesn’t it?  Let’s take a closer look…


Hmm, that sure looks like it to me.  Why yes, it sure is Forza 3 baby!  I managed to score a copy one full week before it hits retailers all across North America.  Sadly I only just got my hands on the game so I have logged in all of zero hours and zero minutes of game time.  That will change very soon however ;)  I’ll be sure to update the blog with my hands-on impressions the minute I have a chance.  For now, you have my permission to be jealous.

2 thoughts on “What Do We Have Here?”

  1. If I can get a review out before anyone here even plays the game, then hell yes that’s what I’m going to do. It shouldn’t be too hard to do either. He’s our racing guru, so I can always edit in a second take.

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