Looks What I Got Today

So while the rest of the world is busy playing what is sure to be the AWESOME Modern Warfare 2, I will be playing something else…

It finally arrived!

This wasn’t the only game to arrive today.  Here was the ‘other’ import I’ve been waiting for…

3D Dot Game Heroes FTW!

So there you have it, the two imports I’ve been talking about for a while now have finally arrived.  I also wanted to point out something really cool that is featured on a ton of Japanese games, the ‘pull tab.’  Check it out…

All you have to do is pull...

This is a really handy way to open your games in a safe and extremely fast manner.  You just grab the pull tab and pull.  Then the game just slides on out.  How awesome is that?  On North American games we have to pull, tear and rip our games out.

Below are two pics of what the game disc and instruction manuals look like.

Inside Bayonetta...wow that just doesn't sound right...

Here's the 3D Dot Game Heroes instruction manual and disc.

As you can probably tell by some of these pics, there’s a third game involved here ;)  Oh forget what I said above, I’m just like 99% of you and picked this up today as well…

Bad Ass!

In the coming days I’ll post hands-on impressions of the two imports.  Justin Joseph is taking care of Modern Warfare 2 (see, I put a little f ;))  You can likely expect a review within the next few days.  Justin has already blazed through the single player campaign and now will begin what is sure to be a year long, or more, online multiplayer experience.

5 thoughts on “Looks What I Got Today”

  1. I just put both on right now to see how they were, and both are great. Bayonetta can see that I’m in North America and as such is completely in English, we’re talking all the way down to the Trophy descriptions. As for 3D Dot, what a great game thus far. I LOVE the old school feel with new-age graphics. The trophies for this one are completely in Japanese, but that’s to be expected. I’ll have far more detailed impressions in the coming days.

  2. You lamer; you said you were picking up the Hardened Edition!!! I thought you wanted all the cool stuff that I gots too :( You call yourself a CoD fan, but don’t want to play the original remastered in HD?… *sniff* There’s even online multiplayer man! For shame!

    Just for that, I’m not reviewing the game until Saturday!!! ;)

  3. How are you finding the PS3 version of Bayonetta? 3D Dot Heroes looks bad ass… if I had the spare cash/time right now I’d pick it up in a heartbeat. Perhaps over Christmas break I will. It looks like it’s mostly in hiragana/katakana which is perfect for me.

    I technically did pick up Modern Warfare 2 today as well… except it was for my bro and he’ll be paying me back. I still need to play the first one. :P

  4. @Justin

    It was actually right beside my work and everything else was sold out, so I figure what the hell. I know me and the odds of me having the time to go through all the extra goodies are extremely slim given the two imports and FFXIII’s impending launch.


    Yeah 3D Dot Game Heroes is almost entirely in Hiragana and Katakana. That makes it perfect for people just starting to learn Japanese. I wouldn’t create a character though as that’s quite complex as is, let alone trying to battle the language barrier. Then again, you’re insane lol. As for Bayonetta it’s ultra stylish and it’s quite fun actually. I only played for a tiny bit before I wanted to see 3D Dot Game Heroes. I’ll upload with way more information soon.

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