Vagrant Story Coming Soon to a PSN Near You!

Ashley RiotI regard Vagrant Story as my favorite PS1 game of all time. Yes, I love it even more than Final Fantasy VII. It’s possibly the only PS1 game I’ve played multiple times. I’ve yearned for a sequel or enhanced PSP port for quite awhile…yet sadly low sales have not really elevated this one-shot game to franchise status.

Luckily for us, Square-Enix will at least oblige fans of this cult release in the form of “PS1 Classics”. Reports confirm that it will be released very soon on the UK PSN Store…and anything released for the UK will most likely be released in the US counterpart. Let’s hope that there isn’t a big time gap between the two.

Get ready to experience one of the best RPGs for the PS1. Its real-time/turned-based hybrid battle system resembles that of Fallout 3…and it’s over-the-head 3D dungeon crawling will amaze you because of how huge Lea Monde is. Like Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, it’s impossible to explore the full game in your first play-through. Thanks to “Game Plus” mode, certain areas open up in your 2nd and possibly 3rd retry. And finally, the weapon creation system will keep you addicted for a long time.

I’m going to be playing this on my PSP since its extremely convenient and the somewhat dated graphics will be more tolerable on a smaller screen. I’m just not sure which store to download from when it’s released. I hear that UK PS1 games generally have a lower framerate compared to the US versions. That’s why I went with the US version of Final Fantasy VII on the PSN.

I’m hoping this PSN release becomes extremely successful. I want my sequel. Even an enhanced port for the PSP ala Final Fantasy Tactics will be enough for me. Just imagine the game’s awesome old English dialogue fully voice acted. It’s considered one of the best Japanese-to-English localizations ever, you know.

Source: VG247 (via Siliconera)

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