A New Wave of Modern Warfare

MW2HEIn case you haven’t noticed since COE switched over to its blog format, I haven’t written impressions for a single game. But since I know Jarrod would give me crap if I didn’t say something, here I am.

Don’t expect anymore of these however, before the review.  If all goes according to plan, both written and video pieces will go live some time Friday night.  I know this means that most people who follow us here probably won’t know about them until Monday because they’ll be too busy playing the game themselves, but that’s fine.  You should enjoy what is among the five best games for 2009.

Ok, to make this short, but sweet (yeah right…), the campaign is in fact as everyone has been saying.  I completed my first run in about 5.5 hours.  Now of course I have every intention of returning for some elusive achievements, like obtaining all the enemy intel, and beating each mission on the dread Veteran…but for all intents and purposes, the MW2 single player campaign isn’t nearly as meaty as Call of Duty 4’s.  On the other hand, the variety is incredible, the voice work exceptional, and the action is plain intense.  The plot delivery is also a little disappointing, as I’m still confused about what was really going on behind the scenes, but that’s just about the only aspect that I think anyone could complain about.

Modern Warfare 2 is an audio-visual powerhouse, fully equipped with new graphical effects, really chaotic sound, and just about everything else that you’ve come to expect from the CoD franchise.  The weapon roster is also substantial, which took me by surprise.  The number is easily triple that of Modern Warfare.  Simply put, the game is a complete package, with the small exception of the slightly underwhelming campaign.

Special Ops I’ve yet to try with another person, but I’ve worked through a few what are considerably challenge scenarios, and they definitely cater to the perfectionist junkie.  There are over 60 stars to earn, and those not tied to Regular difficulty will give you a run for your money.

I also provided the screenshot at the very beginning for a reason.  I own the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 2.  It called for an extra $20, and methinks the cash was well worth the price.  Instead of some lame-o green Xbox 360 case, cover art, instruction manual and disc, the HE is packed with neat goodies.  A steel-tough box is adorned with nifty camouflage, but it comes inside a plastic holster of sorts, in which behind it is a nice concept art book from Infinity Ward entitled Behind the Lines: The Art of MW2.  It’s nothing “Wow!” of course, but who doesn’t appreciate a pass through some nice out-of-game graphics?  What I love the most, and will come in the near future with a review all its own…is the download code for the HD remastered version of the original Call of Duty.  Yes folks, the one that started it all, and for all this time just on PC mind you, has finally landed on consoles as a download.  I have mine already stored on hard drive, but likely won’t get around to it until around North America’s Thanksgiving perhaps.

That’s because, and last but not least, the multiplayer is going to be eating up a lot of my time.  This sucks too, because I have so much other work to do, like finishing my first character’s play through in Demon’s Souls (a level 70 magician), in addition to polishing off Borderlands.  Well as much of a blast as I had tonight, both are looking slimmer and slimmer, which means my weekends have become infinitely more precious to me.  Folks, I’m not saying anything more than this: Modern Warfare 2 is surpassed the original’s online offering in more ways than I even fathomed, and will easily be played heavily for at least three years.  Yes, that’s my prediction, which I believe will be a fact.  When the next three Call of Duty titles are out and about, MW2 multiplayer will still be alive and kicking.  It’s so good, and Infinity Ward did a bang-up job with it.  More details will come in my formal reviews.

Now if only some losers around here would play Special Ops with me… *wink*

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