“I Just Wanted to Say” Podcast/Show Notes — November 15th, 2009!

I Just Wanted to Say Podcast Nov. 15th 2009

We’ve finally fixed our upload limit problem, which means we can finally sync our podcasts here. For those too lazy to click on our convenient RSS sidebar or subscribe via iTunes, we’re making things even easier for you via the link above. Just stream the whole thing or download the .mp3 file itself in order to listen to it later. One thing that’s different from our RSS version is the production. I cleaned up this file as much as possible and upped the bit rate to 128. I’ll have to convince Jarrod to do the same with .mac versions…a higher bit rate mp3 file would do nicely instead of m4a.

Anyway, you’ll notice that we’ve called this week’s podcast “I Just Wanted to Say”…and for a good reason I might add. It would be great if this remains to be the official name of our podcast series instead of the generic one we’ve been using for years. Central topics include Modern Warfare 2 and Final Fantasy XIII, the former of which Justin has a lot to say about. Jarrod later covers a lot of 3D Dot Game Heroes and teases us with some Bayonetta initial import impressions. Finally, I end off with final end-game impressions of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story and quick stuff on Tekken 6.

Show Notes:

[1:44 — 4:15] starting off with Modern Warfare 2. Initial talk about high sales reactions.

[4:15 — 11:47] post-review talk of Modern Warfare 2 by Justin.

[11:47 — 15:14] offline multiplayer and spec-ops details and discussion by Ahmed Mosly and Justin Joseph.

[16:23 — 17:56] details of Call of Duty remastered. More impressions forthcoming.

[18:00 — 21:13] Final Fantasy XIII release date talk, multiplatform talk, marketing talk, exclusive goodies

[21:13 — 21:15] discussion of the English version of Final Fantasy XIII’s theme song, My Hands, by Leona Lewis. It sucks compared to the original Japanese one by Sayuri Sugawara and Nobuo Uematsu.

[21:15 — 26:12] slight FFXIII gameplay details and Justin’s rant on time-consuming RPGs

[26:12 — 33:28] FFXIII: which version will we buying? Which version will sell more worldwide? Which version will be superior? Talk about other multiplatform sales that are selling good on the PS3 compared to the 360.

[33:28 — 38:10] Bayonetta PS3 initial impressions by Jarrod. Talk on how the PS3 versions works in terms of language.

[38:10 — 50:00] 3D Dot Game Heroes impressions by Jarrod

[50:00 — 1: 00:06] What You’ve Been Playing Segment. Justin doesn’t give up on Borderlands and Demon’s Souls while Ahmed has some end-game final impressions of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story and initial impressions of Tekken 6. Some small discussions on how my impressions of Mario & Luigi changed in-betweeen this week and last one.

3 thoughts on ““I Just Wanted to Say” Podcast/Show Notes — November 15th, 2009!”

  1. The “COE Weekly Podcast” has been stupid since day one…no offense to anyone of course. “I Just Wanted To Say” gives us a far more unique identity, and it WILL stick until we change it again in the future ;) I may just have to be the one that introduces our episodes now, since Jarrod obviously finds it too complicated XD

    Slick post though; it seems as though you’ve been wanting to do these for a while now. Keep it up, but I ask that you don’t forget to emphasize game titles and such from now on ;)

  2. @Jarrod Nichol

    Looks like the sidebar synced by itself this time around, Jarrod. Like I said in the post, if we can get you to finalize our podcasts to higher-quality mp3 version (128 bitrate at least), then it would make things easier for me if/when I do post-production. I won’t need to manually convert to WAV then to MP3.

    @Justin Joseph
    Yeah, man. I think we should definitely switch to this new name. Nice idea there. I’ll keep them up as much as I can. Show Notes can be helpful to our listeners, but they’re so tedious to do so I’ll possibly just summarize these podcasts if I’m too busy.

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