It’s Official: 3D Dot Game Heroes US-bound!

3D Game HeroesThanks to our friends over at Atlus USA, 3D Dot Game Heroes will be coming to North America on May 11, 2010. It’s a bit far off, but at least this niche title will see the light of day outside of Japan.

We were just talking about this game in our recent “I Just Wanted to Say” podcast. Jarrod continues to feed us with impressions through the podcast and gaming log while I yearned for an announcement outside of Japan. I’m glad this day came sooner than later. We also talked about how poorly this game performed in Japan and how to rectify that should it get a North American release. One thing that Jarrod predicted during the podcast and Atlus managed to do was lower the price-point. The game will retail for 39.99$ at launch…the perfect price indeed.

I have to say that Atlus continues to be the perfect publisher for niche titles. From Software’s previous game, Demon Souls, was handled by Atlus quite well in North America…I mean, the game was ranked 11th place in the NPD chart for October. That alone says a lot. We never see Atlus games rank this high on the chart. Despite talks of selling out quickly, it looks like Atlus handled the situation quite well by restocking retailers thanks to the high demand.

With the attractive price point, I see a bright future for 3D Dot Game Heroes in the US. Even though the publisher will probably produce more copies than usual, do not pass on this game on release if you’re a retro Zelda fan. There’s still a tendency for these games to disappear off shelves if you wait for too long.

Finally, as I said in the podcast, I’m really looking forward to how Atlus handles the game’s script. I’m sure localization is going to be a fun process of making fun of retro games and how poorly some of them were translated throughout the years. “I AM ERROR”, anyone?

Keep checking out this blog for more of Jarrod’s gaming log impressions and the eventual final import review verdict.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Official: 3D Dot Game Heroes US-bound!”

  1. Excellent news. I’m 40% through the trophies now, and right at the end of the game. I want to play a bit more before I wrap things up and wait for the North American release. Thus far though, the game has proven to be quite enjoyable and really worth your time and money. If you’re a long-time Zelda fan, you’re going to LOVE this game.

  2. Gotta love Atlus. Hopefully they’ll be rewarded for supporting this game by another unexpected success. By “unexpected success” I’m alluding to Odin Sphere here. ;]

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