New Super Mario Bros Wii Plumber’s Log — Part II

Modes Played: Coin Battle

Number of Players This Session: 3

Apparently, there are two other modes aside from the main campaign. One is “free for all” where you and your friends simply pick a stage and play through it. The other is Coin Battle, which we played to the wee hours of the morning yesterday. I honestly haven’t had this much fun in a long, long time. I should really let someone video us while we play. Hilarity ensued and curses were thrown left and right. 3 players is a lot more frantic and I can’t imagine how things will be with yet another one of my friends. Never expected a Mario platformer to be this much fun and random. One mode instantly transformed a somewhat serious 2D platformer into a fun party game. Genius!

Coin Battle is basically where you and your friends are pitted against each other in a battle of who gets the most coins (duh). You honestly can’t get through these sessions working together at all…greed really makes everyone want to win. I’ve seen some mode-exclusive levels, including a replication of World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros. The big difference about these levels is that “coin shadows” are present throughout. The actual coin will form once you touch these “shadows”, giving other players a better chance of obtaining them. The mode ends once you reach the flag or if all of you die, the latter of which will happen more often in harder levels.

Remember all the examples I’ve mentioned in the first log regarding “screw-ups”? Well…In this mode almost everything we’ve been doing has been intentional. One of my friends got so frustrated by my constant wins and how I’d always swallow and spit him out with Yoshi he simply started racing through the level, killing the rest of us whilst trying to obtain as much coins as possible before his own immanent death due to his mediocre platforming reflexes.

It looks like I can unlock more levels by completing “Worlds” in the campaign. I really hope I can a couple of more mode-exclusive ones because some of those are very well-designed.

Man…I hope we have one of these sessions soon. We finished playing 3 am yesterday believe it or not.

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