“I Just Wanted to Say” Podcast/Show Notes — November 22nd, 2009!

I Just Wanted to Say Podcast November 22nd 2009

Another week, another podcast. Clocking at 1 hour and 22 minutes, our rants for this week compensate for our probable no-show next week. After all, the holidays are almost upon us (Thanksgiving to you North American listeners and Hajj to our Middle Eastern/Muslim followers) so it’s going to be a busy time.

Forgive us for our repetitive word usage…that’s the way we are. “I Just Wanted to Say” hasn’t been used as much this time surprisingly. However, we throw in a lot of “actually” into the mix. Maybe it’s time to switch over the name to “The Actually Podcast” or something.

Good topics this week. We cover the news that has been posted on our blog in the beginning, some impressions on the games we have been playing, and many other topics in between. While I don’t enter until “minute 45”, Jarrod and Justin do a good job before that. Here are our highlights (skip to the time-frames between the following brackets if you’re interested in these particular sections):

[18:48–25:00] Speculation on the next Legend of Zelda on the Wii. Jarrod suggests a first-person-type gameplay for the next Zelda which focuses on Wii MotionPlus integration. Nice back and forth between Jarrod and Justin.

[25:00–31:25] Great discussion on how Nintendo has been “rushing” their development and releases. Candidates include New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Punch Out, Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort, and the Wii system itself. No online integration seems to be the common denominator with all their hits, which is surprising considering that Mario Kart Wii has an excellent online mode. Jarrod has some good ideas with Wii Fit online while Justin talks about DLC for the Wii, the latter of which has been a popular choice in our recent poll. My chime-in is something that I’ve mentioned before: Nintendo is a Japanese-centric company which doesn’t care of “copying” or “being inspired by” competition. They’ve always been like that; neglecting what their rivals have been doing and waiting for a certain time to pull off their own spin on existing ideas. This has been their downfall on the n64 and GameCube yet put them on top with the Wii. By going against the high-definition graphics of the 360 and PS3 and opting for innovative controls instead, they’ve been back on top again. However, this move is sort of haunting them today because the Wii’s flaws are more evident in the long run.

[39:00–49:06] Preliminary numbers on Modern Warfare 2 sales and some talk on which version is “superior”.

[55:00– 1:18:00] Here we go all over the place about Sony’s upcoming premium online service, named “Sony Online Services”. Predictions on what will it turn out to be. Talk on brand connectivity and the move to digital format. We follow up on the upcoming virtual-reality-like “3D era” with blu-ray movies and games. We need one of those 3D-enabled HDTVs and glasses for the full experience. James Cameron’s Avatar takes center stage in this discussion since it’ll be the first movie and game that will use the technology.

6 thoughts on ““I Just Wanted to Say” Podcast/Show Notes — November 22nd, 2009!”

  1. We can stick with this name for a while. Let our baby grow :) Somewhere down the line we can become the “I Obviously Just Wanted to Actually Say” podcast ;)

  2. I dig these recaps a lot, Ahmed.

    LMAO @ Justin’s comment about James Cameron’s speech at E3. Oh my God, that was so boring.

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