Sony Plans To Increase Brand Loyalty Via New Online Service


Remember a time when the Playstation moniker was practically synonymous with brand loyalty? Me too. Well, Sony bigwig Kaz Hirai wants that kind of brand loyalty extended to encompass the whole range of Sony products on the market.

The plan? To connect every gadget under their four-letter banner to an extensive new online service. Below are some interesting snippets from JapanToday’s story:

“Hirai said Sony already offers streaming video, comic delivery and a news service, but could expand into any of the gamut of services available for personal computers, such as fitness and financial services.”

“Sony’s service for PlayStation 3 video game machines, which began three years ago, has attracted 33 million users. The new service will be expanded to other Sony products.”

“Howard Stringer flagged network services as a major area where Sony hopes to grow, as well as 3-D TVs, new displays, electronic books and batteries for cars.”


2 thoughts on “Sony Plans To Increase Brand Loyalty Via New Online Service”

  1. I talked about this during yesterdays podcast. It’ll be interesting to see exactly what Sony comes up with. Their Connect service failed pretty miserably, but the PSN has been quite successful. If they can create an iTunes-like service with all the benefits of the current PlayStation Network, they may have something. There are some core features of the PSN that they really need to get on before they start thinking of way to expand the service to other platforms. I’m still waiting for cross-game chatting, etc. Anyways, the core idea here is a great one, they just need to ensure they implement it well from day one. Potential is only going to take you so far. They need to really impress people from the launch if they want to steal people away from Apple and others like them with their all-in-one services.

  2. Don’t have my PS3 yet, but I have money stashed away for the Slim once I return from my study abroad trip in Japan–then I’m really looking forward to getting down with the system. So far, my PSN experience has been limited to the PSP, and I think it’s been favorable so far. I think the price of downloadable games is still too high (PSP games for download shouldn’t cost more for a digital download than a hard copy), but it’s a good service. If Sony can integrate the same features across other Sony products, that’d be cool. This does seem like Apple effecting Sony, which is good. A little fear sparks competition, and I think it shows companies are worried about Apple’s presence. Nintendo announced their potential 3G portable plans, and Sony has this. Gotta wonder what will happen from here.

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