Atlus Goes Rogue on North America: Shiren the Wanderer Wii Coming Soon!


Atlus USA has tipped us off via Twitter account on Shiren the Wanderer for the Nintendo Wii, the latest installment in the long-running rogue-like Mystery Dungeon series. It’s heading our way a lot sooner than expected…mark your calendars to February 2010. The official website along with the trailer are now live.

The previous Shiren installment on the DS was released in the US by Sega, which are the official Japanese publishers of the series as of late. We all know how limited of an audience rogue-like games have, which is weird considering that this RPG subgenre originated in the US, not in Japan. For some strange reason its popularity migrated there.

The Mystery Dungeon series is indeed one-of-a-kind, spanning through multiple developers, multiple mainstream series, and multiple consoles. Shiren the Wanderer is considered the subseries that started the whole fad in Japan thanks to its original characters…and developer Chunsoft play a central role in the development of each installment. Today, we see the series invading the Pokemon and Chocobo (Final Fantasy) franchises…evening out the difficulty to be less “rogue” in order to gain a substantial audience within those franchises. Thankfully, staples of rogue-like games in the Mystery Dungeon series have remained intact despite jumping from one big franchise to the next. After all, Chunsoft and company don’t want to disappoint their main audience, right?

So in a way, the DS and Wii have been home to the rogue-like genre for years now. Thanks to Atlus once again for keeping this alive with Shiren the Wanderer for Wii. I’m sure many people who have been playing games like Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Dungeon and the Izuna series will appreciate Shiren’s appearance on the Wii.

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