DC Introduces Earth One Original Graphic Novels

Do to popular demand, I’m going to be talking a bit more about comics around these parts.  All week long DC has decided to post one major news story for every day of the week.  In some cases they’ll post more than one news story.  Monday morning they revealed perhaps their biggest project for 2010.  They announced two new, on-going Original Graphic Novels that will take place in an entirely new continuity, created specifically for new readers.  They’re called Superman: Earth One, and Batman: Earth One.

The idea is to retell the origins of these two classic characters, but change their setting to the modern day, i.e. today.  The creative teams they have on these projects is extremely impressive.  First up is Superman: Earth One being done by J. Michael Straczynski and artist Shane Davis.  Take a look at the teaser art.


That’s pretty awesome, no?  Both series will be released twice a year, at least that’s the current plan.  We don’t have very many specifics at this point other than both Superman and Batman will be around 100 pages or more.  We don’t know a price point, but can confirm these titles will not be released in on-going monthly comics.  That is quite significant in that these books will be able to be purchased through Amazon, and any other online book store.

As for Batman: Earth One, it’s being done by DC superstar writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank.  Take a look at the two teaser images we have for this upcoming series.


Not too shabby if I do say so myself.  Currently have no further information to go on other than these stories will be entirely new, based on the original icons and set in a modern setting.  They will feature a brand new continuity and will act as the perfect starting point for people interested in getting into the comic market.   The minute we get any further information, I’ll be sure to post the info here.  I hope you enjoy these announcements as much as we have.

10 thoughts on “DC Introduces Earth One Original Graphic Novels”

  1. Very nice art there. Alfred looks surprisingly bad-ass.

    I find it ironic that these upcoming comics will be a new continuity despite calling them “Earth One”. It’s cool that they’re going to retcon the classic characters, and I highly doubt it’s going to be confusing since it seems that DC’s going back to basics with the plotlines. I can see myself reading those, but there’s no way in hell I’m going to read any of the current DC comics…especially the crossovers…since it’s dealing with multiverse versions and the confusing of Earth One, Two, etc.

  2. I really dislike the titles of these books to be completely honest. By calling them Earth One, they’re implying that there’s an Earth 2 and that may push people away. By releasing these books in OGN format they WANT new blood. They want people to walk into their local book store and say “hey, what’s this?” The minute someone seems Superman: Earth One, they’re likely going to say, umm ok, what does this mean exactly? Given the sheer star power associated with these books, I know they’re going to be excellent and I WANT everyone to give them a try. These are brand new books, set in a brand new time, with a brand new universe. They have NO connection to anything else out there making them the perfect entry point for anyone and everyone.

  3. One problem with restarts and new timelines is how often they repeat themselves. I already know Superman and Batman’s origin stories (it’s been told a zillion times through all media) and I really don’t want to suffer through the first couple of comic issues reading the very same story all over again…even if there are a few changes present. I’d love it if these comics don’t spend too much time explaining the origins in the beginning since everybody in the world should be familiar with them. It would be nice if they start off fresh and original, then weave some origin plot points as flashbacks in the middle of these issues.

  4. From what I’ve heard, these aren’t simple retellings. Superman, for example, starts the book at 21 years old and has to make up his mind about what he wants to do with his life. The book will zero in on that one moment where he stands tall and says “I’m going to change this world for the better, no matter what I have to give up.” Remember that in high school and elsewhere he’s pretty much a loner. He would have to be with all that power. If he got ticked off, he could easily kill someone by shoving them into a locker, etc. It’s this that has me so excited with this project. JMS has said that half the book won’t even be about Superman, but rather Clark and that has me ultra excited because Superman is the mask, Clark is the real person.

  5. Sounds like promising stuff there. Sounds like more of a character-focused series.

    Hopefully these comics make the PSP’s store so I can check ’em out.

  6. Well like I said, according to DC, these are only going to be released in Original Graphic Novel format, meaning 100-140 pages priced likely around $20 or so. These aren’t going to be released as comics so I doubt very much they will show up outside your local book store or Amazon.

  7. Oh. Well that’s interesting. No chance on amazon, eh? Classics like V for Vendetta and Watchmen can be bought there…so how come these new ones can’t be found in book stores too?

  8. Read what I wrote again.

    “These aren’t going to be released as comics so I doubt very much they will show up outside your local book store or Amazon.”

    That means they WILL be available on Amazon Ahmed. The whole point of this is to get them online to ANY book store and not just comic shops ;)

  9. Yup, you have no excuse ;). This will likely be the first time you’re able to jump on a hero series as big as this from day one. If I were you, I’d buy both and see what you think. Remember that there will only be two books released per year. That means you have plenty of time to read and re-read these graphic novels. The question I have for you now is, what did you of the books you currently own?

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