New Super Mario Bros. Wii Plumber’s Log — Part VI: Endgame!

All 8 Worlds Completed. Final Boss Slain. All Star Coins Obtained. Super Guide never encountered. World 9 (Star Road) is left. Game Save has three “Sparkling Stars” to prove so.

Number of Players this Session: 2

I meant to write this log a week ago, but I’ve been too busy studying for my exams. The full review will be arriving sometime next week.

World 7 and World 8 had some truly creative and challenging levels. I love the fact that almost each World contains one or two levels that make you say, “well this is sweet. Never seen this in a Mario game before.” Definitely counters the nostalgia-inspired levels well. The final boss sequence in particular is something that I did not expect at all. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but it’s so worth the experience regardless of the crappy ending.

I’ll be playing through World 9 after my exams. My brother and I only tried out the first level and it’s pretty good. LOVE the map music of this world, btw.

Later days, people. Check out my previous logs here to tide you over.

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